Chapter 9

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Y/N's pov:

A few days have passed and my relationship with all the boys became better. After that incident, the boys decided to open up to me so now we're friends!

However, they always come home drunk late at night. Even the minors!

" We're home!" I heard Sungwoon shout from the main door and slowly all 11 of them pounced onto the couch.

Jisung then put the plastic bag he was holding on the table and guess what was in it. Beer and more beer!

" Cheers!" They shouted and chugged down the can of beer.

"Boys, that's enough for today.." I tried stopping them but they just wouldn't listen.

" Y/N just one more can of bee-"

" Boys! Enough is enough! Why are you doing this to yourself? Does getting drunk every day help you with anything? Does it? Think about the people who care for you. Do you think they'll be happy seeing you in this state? " I just broke. I couldn't stand seeing them suffering like this anymore.

" People, who care? Ha. No one cares about us. No one! All people know how to do is to talk shit about us and just blame us on everything! No one cares-"

" I do! I care for each and every single one of you! Seeing you like this pains me. Please stop drinking..just stop. " I pleaded while tears were flowing down my cheeks like a broken tap.

" Y/N... We may seem tough and all that but we're all fragile inside. And you know that we all wish that our mothers were here even though we hate them so much. " Jihoon broke down.

" But I lost my parents... My two lovely parents died and I was left with my stepmother who didn't even treat me well. But..but I still love her because she raised me up to be this strong hearted girl standing in front of the 11 of you right now. The point is, you have to stay strong. Don't let anything turn you into a weakling. And you getting drunk every night is not helping at all. Boys, it's time to get over it and start anew. Okay?" My voice cracked.

The boys just looked down, crying silently.

" Boys?" I sat beside Jinyoung and wrapped my arms around him.

He looked up with teary eyes and soon wrapped his arms around me, before bawling his eyes out.

" It's okay... Everything is going to be okay now. I promise you.."

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