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Paige's POV

As our lips became closer and closer all my thoughts and worries about Matt slowly dissapeared. He didnt care about me, I had to move on.

I leaned in farther and connected my lips to Jacks and right away i knew, Everything Matt and I shared was over.
The kiss didnt last for long and when we pulled away he layed down on my bed and pulled me to his chest.

"I'd never hurt you" he told me and all i did was look up at him and smile then cuddle up closer to him.

All these boys liking me is kinda weird for me. Back home none of the boys wanted anything to do with me, well exept Luke but you know hes like my brother. Which reminds me, I have to call him tomorrow.

The all of a sudden Jack spoke up "Hey Paige?"

"Yeah?" I replied

"Well I know we only kissed like 5 minutes ago. But I think we would be good together. So would you do me the honor of being your boyfriend? Paige Caniff, will you be my girlfriend" He asks grabbing my hand.

Oh my gosh. I wanted this didnt I?

"Yes" i quickly blurted out so i didnt over think thinks. A smile grew on his face and i cuddled up closer to him.

This is how thinks should be. I dont have to worry about getting cheated on by Jack. He basically said he wouldnt and he doesnt seem like the type to do something, then again niether did Matt.

I guess i have to tell all my fans everything thats going on in my lovelife. I make a mental note to make an update video tomorrow.

But for now im just going to relax and not worry about anything. I deserve a break from all the drama.

So for now im just going to enjoy being with Jack.

And thats how i like it.


heyy its ivy! Okay yes ik this is short! sorry. I'll right a long one too. This was kinda just a quick what to expec type of thing

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