Let Me Love You | Chandler x Reader x Duke

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(Y/n) sat in her desk as she watched the clouds roll by. She let out a small sigh as she looked forward at the teacher. She really wasn't in the mood for it, but once again two of the Heathers stood in front of her desk.

"What do you two want now?" She asked as she ran a hand through her (h/l), (h/c) hair.

"We want to know who you like." Chandler said like it was obvious.

"Who I... like?" The small, (h/c) haired girl asked shyly tilting her head.

"Yeah. You must like someone." Duke said, sure it was her that (Y/n) liked.

"No... not really. Sorry." The girl looked down at her notebook and began to write notes down as the bell signalling class to start rang.


"Come on (L/n), just tell me who you have a crush on!" Veronica begged just wanting this argument to be done and over with so she could report the answer back to the two lovesick Heathers.

"I don't like anyone Sawyer. So shove that up their asses and just let me be!" (Y/n) grabbed her things and walked away from the table sitting with Jason muttering to herself as his arm wrapped around her waist as he spoke to her in a hushed tone.


(Y/n) stood in the 7/11 beside Jason, their fingers intertwined as they spoke, sipping thier slushies and smiling. "So, they keep asking me who I like and it's getting annoying."

"Just tell them the truth (Y/n). You don't like either of the-"

"Shut up. Sawyer just walked in." The two looked at the ground and attempted to move past the girl in blue, only for Jason to end up cornered like some caged animal. (Y/n) felt her eye twitch a bit as she watched them.

"Hey cutie." A pair of arms wrapped around her waist from behind, the voice was feminine, and the breather smelled of booze. It was Chandler.

"What do you want?" She asked with a small sigh, not in the mood for a drunk Heather.

"I want to know why you won't let me love you." She whined burying her face in the crook of (Y/n)'s neck.

"It's a simple reason. Simple, but good."

"What is it?"

"You're a bitch." (Y/n) took Heather's arms and pulled them away. "I like bad, not bitchy." She grabbed Veronica's color and yanked her away from Jason. "Come on JD."


(Y/N) sat in class thinking about what to do about this situation. They wanted to know again. No, not wanted. They needed to know.

I will be working on a part 2 for this if this chapter gets at lest 10 likes

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