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***A quick reminder, this is in fact a lesbian story and this chapter contains sexual content. If that makes you uncomfortable please skip ahead.***




I couldn't feel anything. My mind was the only part of my existence left. I was barely clinging to my life. I could hear footsteps and loud noises above me but they seemed so far away. I tried to move my hands and wiggle my toes but every ounce of energy I had was gone.

I felt myself slowly slipping into a more steady darkness as I drifted in and out of consciousness. I could hear mumbling and movements but nothing was clear anymore.

I'm dying.

Suddenly my mouth began to fill with the most sweet liquid. Involuntarily I swallowed the delectable fluid. It flowed through my body and I began to feel more and more alive. I couldn't stop myself. My arms had a new found strength and when I moved them towards the source providing the liquid I found I was not longer restrained. I latched onto the source and bit into it completely filling my mouth with its wonders.

I couldn't stop drinking. I felt the flow start to slow as I kept sucking. Soon it was pulled from my grips and I shot up from the bed looking around the room. Sam and Kelly were holding me as I took in the scene in front of me.

Kaitlyn, was passed out on the floor bleeding from her wrist while Jenna hovered over her shaking her slightly attempting to wake her.

It was her. She came for me and I drank from her. She had saved my life. A familiar feeling ran through my body. Her scent filled my mind as I walked over and kneeled beside her.

My Mate.

"Get back Lydia you drank enough!" Jenna screamed while she shoved me back.

My anger flared, how could she keep me from her! She's mine! The thought was involuntarily. She wasn't mine.

I stepped back letting Jenna care for her.

Jenna and Kelly brought Kaitlyn to the car each carrying one arm over their shoulder. Jenna got in the car and I looked back at my friends.

I need to go with her. She deserves to hear me thank her when she wakes up. She saved me and my entire body desires to see her eyes open safely.

"I'm going with them." I told Sam and Kelly. We hugged and said our goodbyes as I got in the car.

"Call us soon." Sam said as he turned to leave with Kelly.


She slept the entire trip back. The guards placed her in bed while Jenna showed me a guest room.

"Let me stay with her." I demanded as Jenna pointed out the door leading to the guest bathroom.

"I can't. You nearly killed her." She replied.

"She would want me there and you know it." I said over my shoulder as I walked to the door. When I reached her room there were guards blocking my entry.

"Let me through!" I demanded but they were unfazed. Jenna stepped beside me and interjected.

"Let her in." The guards stepped aside. "I'm only doing this because I know she loves you but if you hurt her again, emotionally or physically, I will kill you myself. And I don't care if you're her mate. Are we clear?" She threatened as her eyes boiled red.

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