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Heather McNamara watched as everyone ran around laughing and smiling. Boys with girls, girls with boys.

Mac looked around at the girls and looked down at her gut. She could stand to lose a few ponds. Or at least she thought so.

(Y/n) walked over to Mac with a sweet smile on her face, he hair was wet from the water of the beach. "Hey Mac!"

Mac looked at her and forced a smile. "Hey baby.."

Mac felt as though she wasn't worth (Y/n)'s time. She made sure that no one could see the inside of her thighs.

(Y/n) sat beside her girlfriend and held her hand watching everyone have fun. Mac smiled a bit and held her hand as well.

"What do you want to do today?" She asked (Y/n) with a fake smile.

"How about we go to the park?"

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End of flash back~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(Y/n) felt tears prick at her eyes as she watched the heart monitor that was connected to Mac. She did't want this to hap-pen. No. She wanted her girlfriend to stay alive. she didn't want to fight against the world alone again.

"Mac... please I'm begging you... don't leave me alone again..." She watched as the heart rate began to pick up to normal speed.

Mac's eyes opened. "Who are you....?"

Sorry it's not very good and it's short. I'm not good at depressed characters, I'm just good at being depressed.

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