Final Chapter (VERY SHORT)

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Nobody POV for the whole entire thing))

After Tom made tord married, it was 7 years ago from now. But three things described everything that surrounded Edd and Matt.

Everything was dim.

Everything was lost.

Everything was . . . gone.

What happened was Tom and Tord were going onto their honeymoon but Tord wasn't back from the bathroom. Tom got worried sick bcause it was 20 minutes already and he knew Tord didn't take that long to use the bathroom. He soon checked to see where Tord was and it wasn't great. He saw a horrifying scene.

Tord laying there.

A pool of the red liquid spilled from his mouth and chest.

A knife was sticking out of his head, including a bullet wound inside his chest.

Tom was just paralyzed. Petrified. He didn't know what to feel, his lover was dead. His husband was dead. But then he screamed.

A man swinged a knife at his face and it dugged deep inside his cheek, making him die. The man then suicided by jumping into the ocean. Nobody knew what happened, but Edd and Matt began to search for their dead or not bodies.

After 2 years with no luck, they gave up, thinking that they suicided. They cried almost everyday, hoping and praying to god. There was no hope in their bodies, only pain and guilt. Everything was dearly destroyed in their lives just because of two knives and one gun.

. . .

"I guess, nobody can have a happy ending for their entire life"


"Life is just . . . life"

"I know Tord, I know."

T H E  E N D

(haha, sorry, you thought this was gonna be a happy ending, NOPE. I planned this book for a long time (if I didn't say that already . . .)) and some parts were already drafts, like the last chapter that was made about 30 minutes ago or whatever was made one week ago,, I decided to put cliche parts in it, even Tom said it. Haha, I'm sorry if you cried,,, I'm sorry ))

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