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this fanfic hit 29k reads!

i honestly didn't think, from the moment i started this almost a year ago that it would go this far.

i was just a 13 year old girl, who was part of this odd fandom. reading funny fan fictions of ships that had small chances of sailing.

i was bored during a summer that was coming to an abrupt end, and made the most random decision to create an entire fictional story, with the inspiration of others.

i remember the first time i published my first chapter. i felt so anxious, with how others would react.

i was afraid, yet i managed to have so much fun in the beginning. the experience of creating online, word based content somehow blossomed the author in me.

however, i still have so much to improve on.

a hobby turned into something id continuously go back to. reading and responding to comments that made my day :)

then, as time went by, i began to grow out of this fandom. i watched their videos scarcely. i started to lose interest. i had writers block. and guess what, those who continued to stick around supported me through it. even through the moments where it would take me two weeks to publish another "chapter"

that must've been really annoying, therefore i apologize for the inconvenience.

all in all. this fanfic wouldn't have reached that milestone without you.

the girl who first started this wouldn't have thought that she'd achieve 29,000 views on such a story she thought was incredibly poorly written, as she was not experienced.

and present me still thinks this was poorly written, but hey, you all seemed to enjoy it; which is what matters.

i hope to improve as i take on the task of creating more content.

so, thank you. for everything. i genuinely mean it💖

i may not be a part of the fandom anymore, but just know, im still here for you all.

once again, thank you.

you've made the experience much better than it originally was 💜

let's continue to succeed together ❤️


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