Is This Love ?

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It's been 2 years since he incident I had and..I still haven't told Tord my true feelings. Even though I loved Matt at first, I soon found out that he loved Edd, and he was happy. I didn't care if I was heartbroken, just as long as all my friends are happy. I looked to the side of the couch to see Tord, he had a sad expression on his face.

"Tord?" Tom asked worryingly.

"Yes . . ." said Tord without any emotion.

"What's...wrong?" Tom then saw the fear inside of Tord's movement and eyes. Tom sighed then decided to hug him, comfort him, but most of all, he wanted to kiss him.

Tord POV

When Tom asked me what's wrong, I got very scared. I was just sad that I love him but he hates me . . . But my mindset changed when he hugged and comforted me . . . I felt, I felt warm, very warm. I smiled slighlty and I hugged him back.

"Thank you . . ."

Tom looked at me in confusion, "For what?"

"For this," I kissed him on the lips softly then pulled away quickly, not wanting to hear his stupid no, but I decided to stay. Then I was on the brim of tears, thinking he hated me more. "I'm sorry for that also . . ."

Nobody POV))

Tom looked at Tord, as red as a tomatoe.

'Did he just kissed me? OMG HE DID, HE LOVES ME!!'

Tom smiled widely then cupped Tord's cheeks, making his head toward to his. Tord looked at him with surprise and confusion on his face.

"Tord, I love you too idiot, I always have. I was just too much of a jerk to tell it, I love you way too much that I had to make that incident, I'm so sorry. I was so mean to you, I'm sorry that I made your discorder worsen. That's why, for the sake of heavens, I will kiss you too.."

Tom then kissed him after those sweet words to Tord. Tord was crying at this point, not with sadness, but with happiness..

From then on, they dated, then slowly, another special event happened after 6 years of dating.

"Tord! C'mon, we're almost there!" Tom was running with Tord to this magical place of flowers and beautiful cherry blossom trees. When Tord caught up, his expression changed. He had sparkles in his eyes, shocked as heck, and was slighlty tearing up.

"Tom, this is beautiful!"

"I know I know, but you know what is more beautiful?"


"This," Tom then kneeled in front of Tord. He was ready, he was always ready. He took out a tiny box, containing a red and blue-flowered ring when he opened it, "You. You Tord are the most well caring, and most beautiful person I've ever meant, even more beautiful than Susan. But, the most wonderful thing you've given to me was my happiness. I know this sounds cliche but wil you make me the happiest man for enternal life?"

Tord was crying, he was so happy. He couldn't say, he can't say no.


Tom then on chuckled to the reaction he was given. They both hugged and kissed, making that the longest kiss they ever had.

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