Chapter 3

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After a few hours or so nightfall came and all the pups and Ryder went to bed well almost all the pups Skye was in her pup house putting on her wings

Skye: ( whispers) Everest are you awake ( through her pup tag )

Everest: yeah I'm awake ( whispers back )

Skye: I'll meet you in the forest in 10 minutes

Everest: okay see you then

Skye took off in her wings while Everest drove off in her snowplow Skye was unaware that one of the pups have woken up from her wings taking off and that pup was Chase himself

Chase decided to follow a few minutes after Skye took off he didn't want to wake up Ryder or any of the other pups so he decided to go alone

Skye: hi Eve

Everest: hi Skye anyone follow you here ?

Skye: nope not that I know off

Chase: Skye and Everest what are  you doing out here in the middle of the night?

Skye and Everest: CHASE ?!

Chase: that's right what are you both doing out here for the last time ( says it sternly )

Everest to Skye: should we tell him

Chase: tell me what ?

Skye: nothing

Chase: Skye ?

Everest: alright Skye is looking for the pup who saved her from a wolf before she joined the paw patrol there I said it ( talks really fast )

Skye: Ev he wasn't suppose to know

Chase: well now I do we have to go back to the lookout

Skye: no I want to find him and night time is the only time I can

Chase: why do you care if we find him or not ?

Skye: because for the first time in my life I have fallen in love with some pup who saved me and would risk their life for me

Chase: okay ?

Skye: you wouldn't understand what love feels like or to even have a crush on someone

Chase: you'd be surprised ( mumbles )

Skye: what was that

Chase: nothing

Everest: guys will you please stop arguing

Skye and Chase: sorry

Everest: Chase please don't tell anyone and I mean anyone

Chase: alright but on one condition

Skye: what's that

Chase: you have to let me help you I am the police pup after all

Skye and Everest: deal

Chase: now that that's settled lets go

The three of them run into the forest unaware that the same pup that saved Skye that day was eavesdropping on their conversation

Jace: so the young pup is looking for me along with my so called brother Chase I should keep an eye on them just in case

Hi everyone sorry I took so long to update but you know what they say Better late than never lol

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