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"He's gone?"

"I heard he was a demon."

"I heard he was fucking the beta!"

"Where did he go?"

The whispers followed me everywhere. No matter where I was, I always seemed to hear them. At the pack house, at school, even after school. My best friend Dallas would speak in hushed tones about it with his mate Troye right behind my back. I knew they were just concerned, or maybe even angry, but still, they had no right. I was the only one who had the right to question where Damien was, who he left me for. 

But I didn't. I never did. He was a demon and I was a wolf. He was a rogue and I had a family. I was an emotional wreck and he seemed to have himself figured out. It was no wonder he left. 

I could try to avoid the heaviness of my heart whenever I woke up and realized he wouldn't be there to make a snide comment about my sex hair, or remind me to eat breakfast before I went to school. 

But that doesn't mean it's not there.



"Dame, I brought you back those chocolate chip cookies you love!" I shouted into the wide-open foyer, pausing to wait for Damien to come running down the marble staircase and rip the box right out of my hand like he usually does. I smiled at the thought. He was such a kid.

"Damien?" I called again, this time walking up a couple steps. I felt my heart start to beat a little faster than usual. Damien never missed out on cookies.

I let out a sigh of relief as the door to my room creaked open and a sleepy looking twenty something with deep brown eyes and a perfectly chiseled jaw line stepped out. His blue plaid pajama pants hung low on his waist and an old gray t-shirt clung to his muscles like perfection. I felt a sigh of happiness leave my lips and my heart rate jump as his face lit up at the sight of me. Well, the sight of me with cookies in my hand.

"Aw, wolfy, you shouldn't have!" he teased, ruffling my hair as he reached me. I subconsciously held my breath as he touched me, nerves wracking at every inch of my body. I wet my lips, making sure they looked kissable. Damien liked that.

He grabbed the box from my hand and continued on down the stairs without another look at me. My shoulders dropped. 

Well that's what you get for crushing on a demon, Sam.

My head shot up as the telepathic message entered my head. Jay was leaning against the railing to the staircase, a smug look on his face to which I responded with a death glare. Jay was the wolf who was "monitoring" Damien's behavior since he was technically a prisoner. Dallas, the scouts, and I took him hostage from our battle against Eastern Wolf Hills, but Damien wasn't dangerous. He saved my life on more than one occasion, proving himself as a hero instead of one of the Eastern villains. Hence the reason he's allowed to stay with me, monitored by a highly dangerous Western scout, but still. 

I sent Jay one last narrowed glance, then followed Damien into the family room like a lost puppy. I couldn't help but want to stare at that perfectly sculpted ass all the time, it drove me insane! And those red, red lips that were always glistening and his deep auburn hair that never seemed to be brushed but always seemed to look good and--


I quickly drew my hand up to my lips to make sure I wasn't drooling. Damien was staring at me with his eyebrows drawn in. He never seemed to catch on. And that was absolute torture. He had been fucking me almost every other night for three weeks and then acted as if we were only just pals the next day! It was infuriating that he couldn't see how much I liked him. How much I wanted more.

I cleared my throat then kept walking to meet him on the couch, realizing I had stopped following just to stare at him. I plopped down next to him as flicked on the soccer game, three cookies already gone from the box. I smiled and glanced over at him as he stretched out, his arms draped around the couch behind me. 

I could look at him all day. The way his nose seemed to look like a ski slope, the astonishingly well kept dark eyebrows that accentuated his high cheekbones. That tongue that flicked out to wet his lips every so often, making my pants grow tight instantly. 

"Sam? Are you okay?" His voice was like smooth velvet, low and soothing to the ear. It was masculine but still gave me the chills whenever I heard it. "Sam, Earth to Sam!"

He chuckled as I shook my head out of its temporary trance. "Yeah...yeah I'm fine," I responded quietly, smiling to myself. He was the one that was fine.

"Do you have anything intellectual to say or are you going to continue to stare at my face for the rest of this 90 minute game?"

I nearly choked on the water I was drinking. He knew I had been staring at him?! This was a nightmare!

I blushed feverishly and quickly shook my head no, not daring to speak. I felt like a schoolboy again! Damn this demon and his gorgeous looks and charming smile and breathtakingly honest personality. It was like I was falling in love with him!

Was I...falling in love with him?

NO. Nope. Absolutely not. He wasn't my mate! I couldn't fall in love with him! This was all wrong.

"Sammy, you know you can talk to me," Damien said after a couple of minutes of my internal debate.

I sighed and dared to glance up at him. He had these warm, inviting chocolate brown eyes that made me want to bare my soul to him. And when he called me Sammy, mmmmm damn. So I took a leap of faith.

"I think I may... I think I may be in love, Dame."

His eyes scanned my face for any sign that I was kidding. I wasn't. He sighed and pushed a hand through his hair, messing it up even more.

"And who are you in love with Sam?"

I peaked up at him from under my thick lashes, taking a deep breath.

"You," I whispered, my eyes not daring to meet his.

I didn't have to look up to know he had gotten off the couch and walked away. Just like that. He was usually painfully honest, always saying the first thing that came to his mind. He didn't have a way with words--or people for that matter. 

I waited. I didn't get up from the couch. I couldn't. I was mortified. He didn't even say anything. I cursed myself for falling into his little "Sammy" trap. But before I could damn myself any longer, tears prickled at my eyes at the sound of my front door slamming shut. 

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