“No, no, no!” I stood, fed up with everyone.

It was a week since we came to the village and all the preparations for the wedding is done except for what me and Rage were going to wear. For some reason, he got to wear the plain old black suit and tie, but it was an outrage when I requested the same. I’ve spent an hour trying o explain to them that I didn’t want to wear a freaking dress.

Deci had agreed almost immediately, being a guy who also spent too much time trying to convince everyone to not dress him in drag, but it took a little convincing—yelling—for Celeste to agree. Rage, his little brother Zeke and his dad, the Berserker, Rae, and my dad were also on my side…well, Rage’s dad didn’t want us married anyway, but still. But it seemed that every other woman in the whole fucking village wanted me to wear a white wedding dress. I hate wearing white and I’m a fucking man!

Rage wouldn’t help me; every time he did, he just ended up laughing at me, and the same with Rae. Those two were wary of each other at first, but now they were two peas in a pod, I swear it. Deci tried to help by offering alternatives that were close to looking like dresses, but really weren’t and Celeste thought it’d be a good idea for me to wear an Ai-tay. Truth be told, I’d rather wear that damnable thing than a dress.

My mother also stood. “Okay, how about the Ai-tay thingy, in white?”

I looked at her and I vein in my temple throbbed. “Mom…I hate white. Please understand that, at the least.”

Silene, who’d been forced into the discussion much to the both of our dismay, snorted from her seat farthest from me. “Some bride you are. Won’t wear white…won’t wear a dress…It would seem that you, my dear brother, are going to be a horrible wife.”

The room went completely silent at her remark. Honestly, I thought it was funny. If only she knew, you know. But even though I was amused, the anger still bubbled up and nearly exploded. I could feel ice crystals form on my arms and along my cheek bones. No doubt the room went freezing cold, but I couldn’t tell, as I was always cold. I sighed and tried to rub the headache from my temples.

“I am going to go outside and take a break. When I come back, no dresses, no white.” I looked up and glared at nothing in particular. “I’ll wear that gods be damned Ai-tay if you can’t come to a fucking agreement, because I don’t care how I look for it. Why does it matter when he’s,”I pointed at Rage, “seen me in ripped up pants, a holey shirt, and with a rat’s nest I called hair?”

Pinning everyone with my glare, I turned and marched out the door. The air was crisp and cold with the setting sun; I took in a deep breath, holding it in my lungs until I felt crystals form along the organ and let it all out with a huge whoosh. This area of the village was quieter then the center, where the wedding was taking place. For once, I wished I was a smoker so that I’d have some way to release my stress without freezing someone. Or myself. The cold wasn’t helping the crystals on my skin melt, but instead thickened them into a fine, crystalline layer of ice along my whole body. I could easily make it disappear now that I was a bit calmer, but it was comforting at the moment.

I heard footsteps and turned to see Rage heading for me, shivering a bit at the cold. He stopped beside me and wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me into his side. His own naturally hotter-than-normal heat melted the crystal ice and warmed my body a slight bit. I said nothing to his action. In this past week, I learned that he was a cuddler—especially when I wake up every morning to find him wrapped around my body—and that he could stand my coldness easily. Would think that it was a no-brainer, considering that he was a fire Incubus, but somehow, my ability sort of nullified their fire, minus his hot temperature, and so fire Incubi tended to stay away from me. 

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