Chapter 5: Welcome To Uruthyn

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I managed to keep my eyeballs in my head, however, the same could not be said for the breath in my lungs. Uruthyn was like nothing I had ever seen before. I looked down at a blood-red sky containing an auburn sun, and a vast landscape of dark land with a smoking volcano in the middle. And I looked up at a green sky with a violet sun, and a stretch of mountains, all covered in deep snow. Two sides. A top and a bottom. Complete opposites of one another. "So, first stop, that volcano." Tuck said. "What, you mean we have to get inside that thing?" I questioned. "If we want to get to the top, yes." Tuck responded. I walked to the top of a hill, looking upon the lands in awe. "So how do we get down to the volcano?" I said as I stared down at our desired location. "Simple." He said as he pushed me off the cliff with his boot. And so I fell to what I realized was my inevitable demise. I descended through clouds of smoke at a rapid pace. Before I knew it, "Oof!" I said as I landed softly, "O-oof? What? I'm not dead?!" Tuck landed next to me, soft as a feather. "Don't question it. That's just the way things work around here." He stated nonchalantly, dusting the ashes off his clothes. I stared as he slipped out a notebook and pen. "So, we landed safely, that's good." He said as he made a check on his list, "Next step" He removed his pack and pulled out a picnic basket. "Lunch?"

We had found a cozy crater to lounge in, munching on our sandwiches. "So what's in this volcano, anyway? A basin of magical prune juice that'll give us jet boosters to replace our toes?" I mocked. "Close. There's a guide there that'll take us to the top." Tuck said between bites. "Hm, not quite as cool as my idea, but it'll do." I finished my lunch and laid on my back. Unfortunately, there were no clouds for me to look upon; only snow-covered mountain peaks. "These two opposite ends used to be one, you know." Tuck said. "But this place is falling apart. I worry that our Forest may not stay perfect forever." He finished. "I don't think we need to worry. Worrying never fixes anything." I said as I made ash angels. Tuck just sighed and skimmed through his notebook. I stood up and pulled out my sword, "You know, I still haven't had to use this. Guess this place isn't as dangerous as you thought." I laughed. "Don't jinx it." Tuck said sternly. "Oh come on, I've never even heard of such a term." I said as I found myself sinking in an awfully soft patch of ash. "Well there. I'm screwed. You happy now?" I spilled just before my head submerged.

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