Chapter 12: Yo

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"So P'Kit... is P'Kat? How the hell did you mess that one up?" I ask Ming when we are back in his room. We are laying on his bed going over all the things that happened today. The good and the bad.

"Hahaha. Yea. I was being serious back there. I did want a special name for him. The first time I saw him... He was wearing a name tag, it was written in English. I thought it spelt Kat. I guess I was dead wrong. The next time I saw him he kept telling me that it wasn't his name. I ignored him and kept calling him P'Kat... he looked so cute when he got mad that I couldn't help it. I wanted to see it again. I kept that name."

"You dummy. I guess you are right about one thing... he is very cute." That comment got me a pillow thrown in my face. I knew this going to happen. I start laughing at my friend.

"Stupid Yo, don't go anywhere near Kat. It's no good! You and he don't match. Go after his brother if you want but Kat... is off limits."

"Haha. Why? Are you going to court him now?"

Ming becomes quiet. I look over at him and he is in deep thought. I don't think Ming has ever even considered it. He used to rave on and on about Kit, but I'm not too sure what his feelings were towards him. An idol maybe.

"I don't know. I'm not too sure my feelings toward him are in a romantic way. Even if they were... I don't think I'm ready to look for a new lover. I don't think I could handle another heartbreak like what happened with Moowan. If I get betrayed by someone I care about... again." He looks upset. Good going Yo. Why did you ask him that?

"Besides... I just found him. I don't want to scare him off. He ignored me before. I'll make sure that never happens." He says with a smile.

His smile is so content with his answer, I didn't want to bring it up anymore. When he is ready, I'm sure Ming will find a person worth the risk.

I don't think he realizes this, but I have a feeling about Kit. The way they looked at each other when they were alone. I definitely saw something there.

It was the happiest I had seen Ming in a long time. I missed that version of Ming. If I wanted him to stay that way. I will have to make sure to keep Kit around. Then a thought came to my mind.

I wonder if I should tell him the discovery I made the moment I knew that Kit and Kat were the same person... Nah. I will let it go for now.

"That doesn't mean you can go after him Yo. I don't approve. I also don't approve of Pha for you either." He gives me a very stern look.

Shit... "What are you talking about?"

"Ho Ho, How many years have we been friends? I could tell the moment you looked at him, and during dinner when you kept glancing in his direction. I don't like it Yo. He's a player... you heard it from his own mouth."

"It's not like that! I would never like a rude person like him."

It doesn't matter how handsome he was, he was a total jerk. Plus I don't like guys...

Even if that guy does something weird to my insides every time he smiles.

"Hummm. Well, he is Kat's best friend. I have no choice but to deal with his presence, but if he comes near you... I'm not just going to stand back. You deserve better than him."

"Gezz Ming, I don't like him ok. Let it go."

"Ok." He didn't seem like he meant that, but he didn't mention it again.

"Did you get the job? I never got to ask."

"Yes. I start tomorrow." I almost forgot after everything.

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