07- Start of something new

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🎶 This could be the start
       of something new,
       It feels so right
      To be here with you 🎶

       The rain had stopped and now just a few drops grazed the floor at a time with a very damp wind.

      We pulled up in front of a restaurant with an enormous parking lot a few minutes later.

     After staying in the car for what felt like ages, I decided to speak up.

"what are we doing here? I thought you were gonna take me home?"  I asked looking at the huge restaurant in front of the vehicle with a large signboard above it glowing in the night sky.

  It read creème.

   "I promised to get you food so here we are" He said like it's the most casual statement he makes daily.

  I couldn't even respond. This restaurant was so huge and so chic that they'll mistake me for a hobo if I walk in there. I turned to see 'Clement' since I never had a good look at him to grasp what he was wearing while ignoring him.

     He was putting on a Versace black polo with it's logo bold in front. The shirt was a tight fitted on him like a second skin and his body looked like it were screaming hotness all over.

    With a camouflage trouser and a black and white sneakers. He looked like a million dollars. Probably because of the added peace sign chain and his Rolex.

     " Well if your plan was to eat me instead, you could have actually just given me your house address" he said with a smirk, pulling me out of my admiration trance.

     I on the other hand was confused. Literally not knowing the meaning of what he just said I had to ask.

" Eat you? I'm not a human carnivore. I actually prefer plants in most cases" 

  He seemed kind of shocked at my reply but then flashed me a million dollar smile. I kept my straight face on because I had no idea what was funny. He literally called me a blood thirsty human and that I am not.

"I'll let this pass just for now because this is the most you've said tonight" He said still smiling.

    I just held a confused expression.

  Let it pass? what does he take me for? I know I don't eat people but why is he so insistent on it!!?.

"you really don't know what I meant when i said eat me, do you?" Now was his turn to ask again. While he just gazed at me, I began thinking maybe there's another meaning to it.

       I held his gaze and slightly shook my head to indicate a no. And he laughed.

  I bowed my head in embarrassment because I knew very well he was laughing at me. They always do.

" Coulduld it be possible to be this innocent in this world?" He asked me but I'm sure it was rhetoric. With my head still down I almost cried at my disgrace.

  A guy who didn't know me before has finally found out I'm as useless as can be directly from me. Not like he listened to other people's judgement about me to take note of my stupidity.

" Come on, we ain't got all night" and with that he got out of the car and walked over to my door.

    I opened it and got out to meet him. For heaven's sake, I am wearing a hoodie and I can still feel the harsh weather but he has a short sleeve shirt on and he isn't even flinching.

   He took my hand from my side almost suddenly, but it did take me by surprise. I dragged my hand away like he burnt me and he just looked at me with odd eyes.

   "I won't hurt you" was all he said and took my hand again. But this time I let him.

   We walked into the restaurant and we were greeted by a lady in green uniform. She looks young but still older than twenty if you ask me.

yeah but no one would care to ask you.

    I swallowed air at that thought and bowed my head while walking in.

" Where would you like to sit?" was what I heard so close to my ear that I noticed he had leaned in and my shoulder was making contact with his chest.

    This little move was not supposed to have effects on anyone. But it did on me. This was the closest I had ever gotten to any guy that wasn't going to hit me.

     After ignoring the slight tug on my chest I glanced around the building to search for a spot.

But I had to stop.

"I don't belong here" I whispered to him with my head hanging low.

"And why is that?" his tone more of surprised than disappointed.

" Everyone here is different" I replied.

   And it was the truth. Every other person here held their head's up in pride and put on an aura of class. While my presence just spelt misery.

" Then that makes you special" he whiispered into my ear but this time a little breathily and it got me blushing.

At the ground though.

" Let's take the seat at the extreme end since I'm pretty sure if we seat any where else you might pop" he continued speaking.

   Still feeling a little flushed from his contact I just nodded because my voice failed me.

  We took our seats and just a minute later a male waiter appeared and he took our orders.

Actually Clement's order's because I was feeling too odd to get something he would end up paying for so he ended up ordering for me.

     All this attention feels so odd to me.

  Am I owing him something??

  I probably would remember if I was. Or I may have forgotten. Maybe that's why he expects me to know him.

" Iris? You okay?" He calls out and I feel a sweat bead on my forehead.

" I'm owing you, aren't I?" I slowly asked, I needed to know what's going on.

" Owing me? What made you think that?"

" Everything did. You know my name and expect me to know you. You following me. I'm owing you, I swear I'll pay back if only you could remind me"

  He sighed and almost looked like he's not understanding what I just said.

" I'm just trying to get to know you. You know, start something new"

  Start something new?

With me?

" W-why?" I stuttered and he only shrugged as he took a sip from his glass of water.
   The waiter came back with our orders almost too quickly.

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