Please...Im sorry okay?

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As I looked at my "loved one"
I found out he did not look for me, look at me, say my name, nor did he look happy...
His head was tilted down, I see black tears from his cheeks as he sobbed.
I felt kinda bad for him...I left him without someone to love, but he refused MY love!
So why would I help someone like HIM?! "A-aah!" I said as I trembled to the ground.
My hand was aching as hell I started to cry for help, I saw Kennith look at me with a smile in his face, he looked like he enjoyed me feeling this plain, "Fu€k YOU!" I yell as he walked away without helping me...My luck gets worse and worse.
(Y/N) looked at me with wide eyes and scared look, (Y/G) shook her head softly and walked into the school "h-H-HELLP!!" my pain felt worse, and blood came pouring though my left hands shoulder. I cried and cried, calling for help, My arm kept bleeding, faster and more painful, i tied to walk away with it but when I reached my desk I laced my left hand on their and started panting, my vision was blurring and blacking out, then I feel a soft pat on my shoulder...I couldn't figure out because I was blacking out, the next thing I knew...I saw him in front of me... We were in an empty room, I looked through the window and saw no ground, so we must be I go back to sit down. With a poker face looking at Kennith

Kenniths pov
Okay...look at me
why were you mad at me when I gave you this text?

I love you until the end of the galaxy
That's how much I wov you~😘

B@ldi stares at me like he never saw me. He showed me a text that says


I looked at it heart broken...
"Baldi my name is PRINCIPAL!
Not KENNITH I use Principal!"
"O-o-o-oooh..." baldi looks at me in confusion, but I know he is embarrassed...
But he still looked mad at me,
"Baldi look, I loved you, you loved me, ever since the beginning of Time
You and me are freaks! We were mistakes from the universe...God made us as a know how I feel too you know? We were made for each other baldi"
I had, his hands in the table "baldi please....I'm sorry. I never sent you THAT text...
I sent you a poem...That day was April 1st...You would know I was kidding right?"
Baldi smiles at me happily and gladly"I'm lucky to meet someone like you"
I hold his hand tighter, we both stand up and get really close to each other
"Baldi" I say In a calm and soft voice "yes" he replied in a quiet tone.
Then I kissed him. While I was I managed to crawl my hand up his shirt and his his
Neck he holds my wrist to stop what was happening as I stoped kissing him for air he was panting in delight he gulped "K-Kennith my dear~ gulp we aren't ready for that type of stuff" " C'mon now! Were alone~" He stoped and walked to one of the windows then looked through, "how do we get out?" Baldi says
I gasped and hit his head on the window that made a crack then did it again to make a hole to make him fall out, I came to and cached up to him and we woke up i the school Halls holding hands while lying on the floor

Baldi and Kennith Did that gross NSFW at Kennith house
they went on many adventures with the power of love they managed to defeat anyone that would mess with them (AKA sass) they did all the adventures they they would pretend as kids (Even meeting a unicorn with playtime the queen of unicorns and playtime children) They made friends along the way, and died together
(They died because a hacker killed them) since then people sometimes see fakes and made the world a better place, everyone remembered the souls of baldi and Kennith who made the world a better and futuristic in a year...
Baldi and Kennith lost each other in heaven but love brought them together
They continued on their adventures and never stoped...

Kennith: same can strict and "dangerous" people can too!

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