Promise {Ralph X Reader}

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Requested by @virag_panda

Unfortunately this'll be shorter because Ralph doesn't have much game time 😫 And yo, wattpad. I had to resave this three times. Fix ya shit.


This bean deserves everything tbfh

After the Androids began to take over all the jobs, your work had no choice but to let you go

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After the Androids began to take over all the jobs, your work had no choice but to let you go.

A few months later, you couldn't afford to live in your apartment anymore. You sold everything you had, but it still wasn't enough.

So here you were. In the Detroit streets, duffle bag in hand full of everything you had left. Some clothes, some food and any medical items you had left over. You felt like someone in an apocalypse film, trying to survive.

The sky rumbled, before a water droplet landed on your head. Then another, then, the sky opened up, as a downpour began.

"Shit...!" You huffed, attempting to escape the rain.

You ran through the streets, water dripping down your body, hoping to find somewhere to dry off. Somewhere to live.

You spotted a large, abandoned house just down the road. So, you sprinted towards the old home. Once you reached the gate, you tossed your bag over the fence before climbing the metal fence yourself.

You dropped down, and approached the old house, lightning flashing, making the land more noticeable. Scary, but what other choice do you have?

You walked up to the front door, jiggling the doorknob, but it wouldn't budge.

"Fuck," you mutter.

You walked around the side of the building, hoping to find an alternative way in. However, your arm was grabbed, causing you to scream. Whatever it was, knocked you to the wet ground.

A humanoid creature stood over you, a slight glow from his head. When the lightening lit up the area, you saw a terribly scarred Android above you, knife in his raised hand.

"WAIT! STOP!" You yelled, holding out your hand, scooting back. Tears formed in your eyes out of fear. "Please," you croaked, tears streaming down your face, "Don't hurt me."

"Hurt you...?" He uttered, lowering the knife, "you''re scared..."

"You're damaged..." You utter out. "What happened to you?"

"Ralph was hurt...his-his owner beat him, yes...he wasn't loved..." The Android said, gripping onto the knife.

" that you?" You asked softly.

"Yes..." He uttered. "We better get inside, yes..."

The battered Android wandered off into an open door, which you followed behind.

"Please, make yourself at home." He said in a shaky voice.

"Thank you," you said in a small voice as he shuffled off to a different room.

You zipped open your bag, hoping to find some dry clothes. However, everything was soaked from the rain, and the puddle it fell in when you were startled by Ralph.

"Damn," you huffed. You followed Ralph's tracks to the next room, to find him scribbling on the wall.

"Whoa...why are you writing that?"

He slowly turns to you, "I...don't know,"


"It's Ralph's saviour. rA9 will set him free." He said, scribbling it on the wall over and over.

Slowly, you backed out of the old bathroom, letting him continue. You sat down near the old fire place, where there was a fire burning. You only assumed he had it for light, because Androids don't feel much.

You curled up, sinking your face into your lap. It wasn't long before you drifted off into a slumber.

You began to hear muttering, along with the sounds of a knife slicing into something. Fear strikes in you, as you leap up from your spot.

You weren't in your same position, you were laying on the ground, and had a blanket covering you. Did Ralph do that?

"Good, good, you're up." He said, stabbing into a small animal. "Ralph got you something for breakfast! It's going to be succulent!" Ralph said loudly, sounding like a complete madman.

An insane Android? How was that possible? Unless he was more than a machine. He had a mind. But he unfortunately lost it like any other human.

You stood there, beginning to feel frightened as he cuts up the creature, and places it over the fire.

"I...thank you..." You said, forcing a smile.

Ralph turned around, flashing a crazed, yet genuine smile. He whipped back around, and took the animal back out. He threw it on the table, and carved into it.

"Here!" The Android said, serving the undercooked whatever-it-was to you. "Eat!"

"Ralph, I, uh, am not that—"

"EAT!" He shouted, slaming his fists onto the wooden table, gripping the knife in his skinned hands. His LED shined an angry red. 

You sat there in shock, looking down at the half burnt, half raw animal.

"Ralph tries to take care of you, and this is what he gets!?"

"But I can't! It''s still raw. What if I get sick?" You say, smiling nervously.

"Right, how could he be so idiotic?" He said, clenching his fingers. "If Ralph fails to take care of you, you'll hurt him. Like his previous human did." Ralph rambled out.

"No! No! Ralph," you said, standing up, "I wouldn't hurt you. I promise!"

His eyes locked into you, as they soften up. His LED changed to a yellow.

"Promise?" Ralph said with a small voice.

You reached over the table, placing your hands over his.

"I promise." You smiled.

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