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Ara sighed as she folded the newspaper shut

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Ara sighed as she folded the newspaper shut. The 'wanted jobs' section was just as full as it was unachievable, at this point, a simple part time job would suffice. But she couldn't find anything attainable. Despite being a qualified teacher, she couldn't seem to find any places hiring, making her degree completely useless.

Her phone alarm rang and her eyes flickered over it, seeing that it was time for her to get to her part time job. Putting the paper on the table and placing her coffee mug in the sink, she tied her hair up in a ponytail and left for the café down the street.

"Morning Ara!" her friend, Grace, exclaimed when she entered.

"Hey," she waved at her and rushed over to put her bag in the breakroom.

"Are you sure you can work my afternoon shift?"

"Yeah, of course," she grinned, "If it means more cash my way."

"You're a lifesaver," she sighed.

"Don't worry about it," glancing at the door, "There's our first customer."

Ara ran around to behind the coffee machine before greeting the chef in the kitchen. Grace served the customer as she seemed to know him and she motioned to her to make a cappuccino and to ask the chef for an egg's benedict.

The day went pretty fast, serving customer after customer, she were getting tired of it but there was nothing she could do.

After her two shifts were over, she got to finally go home and jump onto her bed, closing her eyes. Life was tiring enough already, trying to make ends meet solely with her part time job, let alone trying to find a full time teacher's position so that she could finally pay back her numerous debts.

Like that, she slowly drifted to sleep, the soft rhythm of the cicadas outside mixed with the loud second hand from her antique clock overwhelming her.

But her eyes snapped open the next morning, to the brash noise of... a moving truck?

Heaving her body off the bed, she peeked through the curtain and looked across the road, seeing a large moving truck in front of the house. Sighing, she pulled the curtain shut and walked back to her kitchen, preparing herself some breakfast. No one ever really did move out or into her neighbourhood, but the house across from hers had been empty for quite some time, the previous owners having to move to another country for medical reasons (Ara remembered her explaining her surgery to her as she gave her a farewell pie) and not being able to sell it until, well now.

Not because it wasn't an amazing house, which it was, two stories with a huge backyard, it seemed quite modern, not the type to look expensive but she was sure it was. The reason it was unsellable was the area, the house fit for a normal family, however, wasn't close to any schools, it was a deal breaker.

Ara ate her toast in silence, scrolling through the news on her phone. That's when she came across a post which caught her eye.

A Preschool and a Primary School opening in the area?

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