Ja'niya's POV

Rico-Hurrryyyyy up jj its time for school your gonna be late on the first day if you dont come NOWWWW!

Ja'niya-Im coming daddy wait a minute dang!

as you can see im currently in a rush for school. For those of you who dont know me My name is Ja'niya Jones and im 16 years old i live in Atlanta G.A i have hazel eyes im light skin i am fully black i dont have very much boobies but im in a c cup and as far as my butt i have a little back there only beceause i did squats half of the summer but it makes up for my girls up there(her bobbies) ig to hella swagg and i spoiled.i finish putting on my braids in a bun then I grab my gold galaxy, s5. my charger, MK purse and my book bag and run down the steps were my older brother and dad are at the door wating on me.

Ryan(her brother)-about time now we aint gone be able to stop at Mcdonalds cus of ms.i think im cute as'f here.

Rico-aye boy watch yo damn mouth and bring yall ass so we can go to Mcdonalds and drop yall off in time

Me-yea shut up monkey and by the way(in a wisper voice) im not cute im fine as'h

Ryan-shid im da one dats sexy gone have all da ladies on a nigga

Me-yea whatever!!! SHOTGUN!! i yell and running to the car

Ryan- MANNN DADDY dat aint fair she always in da front she did that last year!

Rico-boy hush all that fuss before yall wake up yall mama you know how she get when she sleep and you can ride in front tomorrow. we all get in the car and drive to Mcdonalds.

lady-Welcome to my mcdonalds what may i get you today?

me-may i have 2 sausage mcgriddles and 2 hashbrowns and rasberry sweat tea

lady-ok anything else

ryan-yea aye lemme get the pancake plater and a sprite.

lady-ok anything else


lady-ok your total is 6.47 pull around to the first window. daddy pulls around he pays and gets the food and we head to Nashville pole high.i get my food as we pull up to school i get out and about to walk when my dad says

Rico-ill pick you 2 up at 3:30 so be outside i aint waiting on yall either se be thea

Ryan- ight man dang

me-ok daddy but i need lunch money ain eating dis nasty as- i mean nasty food

ryan-me to pops

rico-hmmm ok here bye pumpkin be good both of yall he hands both off us a $50

me-bye daddy i give him a kiss on the cheek then put my money in my purse and head to my spot with my girls keekee and spendria

Ryans' POV

ayyo dis ya boy Ryan in dis bitch but ik yall might be wondering what i look like well im sexy as'f im 17 a junior at nashville high im 6'1 darkskin tatted i have brown eyes im fully black and im spolied i got hella swag just like my lil sister

After my dad drove off i pulled out my iphone 5s and called my girlfriend keekee and started to walk

my bae-hello

me-aye bae wya

my bae-waiting on jj wya

me-outside by yall luh sp-

my bae-oh i see bae turn around

i hung up and turned around to someone kissing my lips.i bagged back and looked to my sexy girlfriend.

me-oh hey bae den even know that was you

keekee- yea just wanted to surprise you thats all

me-ok i brought you bearkfast

keekee-thanks come on

she pulled me by my polo shirt started to walk to were im guessing her and my sisters spot located is and sat and started to eat.

me- umm bae im gonna go find chris dem ight

keekee-sighs you still havent told jj (Ja'niyah)have you?

me-no but i will soon i promise

keekee-hummm ok but i cant keep this from her for long

me-yea ik here she is now

keekee turns her head and looks at jj smiles and run to her smiling and hugging

me-well bye keekee

i walk away to find chris and dem

*PICTURE OF Ja'niya on cover


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