Ch. 23 Why does Ron look so scared?

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Azalea and Cedric enter the Great Hall together. Azalea stops walking and feels like all eyes were on her. A small blush appears on Azalea's cheeks because it is her first time getting a lot of attention on herself. Azalea blinks when she hears her name being called. She looks forward and smiles when she sees her baby brother, Harry and her best friend, Draco running towards her. 

" Harry!" Azalea happily greets her baby brother with a hug.

Harry happily hugs his big sister back. 

" Azalea. I am so glad that you are okay" He whispers. " I have been so worried about you" He tells her. 

Azalea's expression softens as she lets go of Harry and looks at him in the eyes. 

" I'm sorry for making you worried, but I am now feeling better" She tells him.

Harry smiles at her. 

Draco noticed Cedric standing by and wonders why he came to the Great Hall with Azalea. 

Azalea turns to look at Draco.

" Draco!" She happily greets her best friend with a hug.

" Hey, Azalea" Draco hugs her back. " I know you have been missing classes since your incident, but don't worry. The others and I took notes for you" He tells her. 

Azalea lets go of Draco and look at him.

" Thank you!" She smiles at him.

" Also, guess who is the youngest Seeker in Hogwarts" Draco speaks up as he glanced at Harry.

Harry wears an embarrassed expression.

" It's nothing to be praised about. A Ravenclaw took Neville's Remember ball during Flying Class, and he is my best friend. So, I wanted to get his remembrall ball back. It seems like Professor McGonagall liked how I flew. So, I became the newest Seeker for the Gryffindor Quidditch" He tells her.

Azalea wears an awed expression.

" That is so cool! I wish I were there to witness it, but I can't wait to see you play whenever you have a Quidditch Match" She happily tells him.

Harry smiles. 

" Thanks, Azalea" He happily tells her. 

Cedric turns to look at Azalea.

" Azalea. Have a good day" He smiles at her.

" You too, Cedric!" Azalea smiles at him. 

" Since you are in the Gryffindor Quidditch team. I hope to train with you since I, myself is a Seeker for the Hufflepuff Quidditch team" Cedric turns to look at Harry. 

Harry nods his head at Cedric. 

" I like that. I hope you have a good day, Cedric" He smiles.

Cedric smiles at Harry as he turns to look at Draco. He opened his mouth to say something but stopped himself when he sees Draco glaring at him. He wears a confused expression and wonders what he did to make the young Slytherin hate him. 

" Well, see you two later, Potter twins" Cedric waves goodbye to Azalea and Harry as he walks away from the three children and head to the Hufflepuff table.

" I don't like him" Draco mumbles which caused Azalea and Harry to look at him. 

" Why don't you like him?" Azalea tells him.

" No one is that perfect" Draco tells her.

" Well, he is a Prefect" Harry tells him.

Draco glares at him.

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