No Way Out...Part 8

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*Kayla's POV*

We heard Christine screaming from nerve centre. What is her problem?!. We got some EVP's but we haven't listened to them yet. "Do any spirits in here want to talk to Kayla, Rose, Trina or Josie?" Nick asked. There was silence now since Christine stopped screaming. We heard footsteps coming towards us. "Who's there?!" Rose asks holding on to my arm. Around the corner came Zak. Everyone else sighed. He came over towards me. "Kayla, I need to talk to you" Zak said holding my arms gently. "Zak, there is nothing to talk about" I said trying to pull away but he wouldn't let me go. "No Kayla, please listen to me" Zak begged. I sighed and rolled my eyes. "Fine" I said. "Kayla, you were right, I should have been honest with you, I made a horrible mistake, about everything" Zak said. I didn't say anything. Nick, Aaron, Trina, Rose and Josie looked at us. "The biggest mistake I made was what I was looking for, was right in front of me" Zak said taking my hand. My heart skipped a beat. Zak and I were getting closer to each other. I could smell his deodorant and it smelt so good.

"Kayla, what I'm trying to say is, I..." Zak said until he was interrupted. We heard someone screech. We looked and saw Christine running towards me. She tackled me to the ground. I started fighting her back. Christine slapped me across the face as I was pulling on her hair. Zak pulled me back up. Nick, Aaron, Billy and Jay pulled Christine back and carried her out of the room. "Let me go!" Christine screamed. "Your getting out of here!" Nick yelled at Christine. "I'm going to get you the next time!" Christine yelled. Christine was finally thrown out of the house. "She's gone!" Aaron cheered and doing a weird little dance. We looked at him weirdly. kHe stopped. "I'm just gonna sit down" Aaron said walking into nerve centre. Everyone walked into nerve centre instead of me and Zak. We were standing in the hallway.

"Does that mean you and Christine are over?" I asked. He smiled at me and said "yeah". I smiled at him. Christine is gone for good. Zak put his hand on my cheek. We looked deeply into each other's eyes. He started leaning in towards me. I started leaning in too. Before our lips connected, we heard someone clear their throat. We looked and saw Billy. "Sorry to interrupt your moment but Zak, it's time for you, Nick and Aaron to do an investigation on your own" Billy said. Zak and I sighed. "I'll talk to you later" I said. Zak nodded with a fake smile. I walked back into nerve centre. Nick and Aaron left nerve centre to follow Zak. I leaned back into my chair and groaned. "Are you alright Kayla?" Jay asked. "Yeah, it's just..." I said until I stopped. I sighed again. "Never mind" I said. Zak almost kissed me. I couldn't believe it. Zak, my best friend and the guy I love, almost kissed me, until Billy interrupted us. Thanks a lot Billy.

"He does love you" Ashley said taking my hand. I started blushing again. "Sorry I interrupted you both but I had to tell Zak that him, Nick and Aaron needed to do an investigation upstairs" Billy said. I smiled at him and rubbed his shoulder. He smiled back at me. We all looked at the screen where we could see Zak, Nick and Aaron in a room upstairs. "Who is in here right now?" Aaron asked. There was silence for a couple of seconds. "Why do you haunt this place?" Nick asked. More silence. It was all getting tense. "What did you do here? Why did you haunt Trina, Rose, Kayla and Josie when they were growing up? What did they ever to do to you? You want to do something to one of us?! Well come and get me you evil piece of shits! Come and do something to me!" Zak yelled. That is not a good idea and Zak knows very well that it's not a good idea.

All of a sudden, we heard clicking noise coming from the hallway. We heard more clicks on the window and going down the hallway. "What was that?" Megan asked. "Don't know" Rose said. The camera's around the building shut down and so did all the equipment. Everything was silent for about 4 minutes. Out of the ordinary, the house was shaking violently. The floor boards started moving and shaking violently too. We all screamed. "What is happening?" Kennedi screamed. None of us could answer. After a minute, everything stopped. Rose and Trina were holding my hands. "Oh god!" Ashley whispered. "What happened to Zak, Nick and Aaron?" I asked with my voice shaking. It all became silent again. Tears rolled down our eyes. "Where are they?" Kennedi said hugging Billy. This is getting scarier as none of us would speak.

Out of no where, we heard a loud bloody murder scream coming from Zak and a loud bang. We screamed. I ran to the door way. Nick and Aaron tumbled down the stairs and landed at the end of the staircase. "Nick! Aaron!" I cried running over to them. The girls, Billy and Jay ran out of nerve centre and over to Nick and Aaron. We helped them up. "Are you alright?" Trina asked. They nodded yes. "Um...Kayla" Jay said. "What's wrong Jay?" I asked hugging Nick. He pointed to the top of the stairs. We all looked up and saw Zak. His eyes were black and from his neck going up his cheek, was black, like venom inside his face. "Hello Ghost Adventures Crew" Zak said in a dark, creepy, scary voice. We were all frightened. I was right, something bad did happen and I know, it's going to get a lot worse. This is going to be one hell of a Night.

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