Fairy Tail

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Okay, imagine this as when Lucy uses her powers.

We were in front of the Guild doors

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We were in front of the Guild doors. The building was big and rustic. I was making myself so nervous that I got the hiccups. I stalled time by using the last of my money to buy an apartment for seventy thousand jewels. The landlady was nice enough to let me use the last of it or it could have been Natsu was glaring at us. I handed Natsu and Happy the spare key. I don't know why, but something about it felt right.

Every hiccup I made a small fire dragons roar escaped me. Natsu would give a glare at me every time I did. Happy somehow ended up in my arms without my knowing. Hopefully, this won't become a habit. I saw Natsu begin to leave, but I called out to him as I hiccupped. A burst of fire flew at him and he ate it. My face became warm and I knew that I was blushing. He walked away again, but I kept calling out to him. I figured I may as well annoy him until he gives me a reaction. It wasn't long for that to happen because after the fifth call he stormed back over with a menacing glare. I took a tiny step back and asked my question.

"Aren't you coming in?" He glared at me harshly. I glared just as hard, even though my hiccups were getting worse. Happy hid behind my hair as we had a glaring contest. Natsu sighed and turned around and walked away.
I was baffled as to why he didn't go inside.

"Come on Lucy! I wanna go in." Happy whined. I sighed and followed the blue cat in. A huge hiccup came out and my fire spewed from my mouth. Luckily no one was harmed. Unluckily I was noticed. Everyone stared at me, then at Happy. Happy was giggling quietly.

A pale girl with white hair came over to me and asked me if I needed anything.

"She is here to join the guild, Mira!" Happy cheered somehow back in my arms. The white-haired girl, or Mira, soon shook her head and said the master will be in momentarily. Soon the Guild went back to how it was before I entered, they were chatting as half the Guild was fighting. Happy flew out of my arms and joined in the fight. He poured prune juice all over everyone. Gross Happy.

Soon I heard the door slam open and in came a huge man that was glaring at the fighting guildmates. Mira welcomed him back and called him the master. I shrunk in fear as I saw him look around and his eyes landed on me. "A new recruit?" Mira hummed happily as she said Happy brought me. Shouldn't she know that Natsu brought me as well? It seemed to me that Natsu and Happy went everywhere together. "Dragneel here?"

The guild shook as if they feared this Dragneel guy. Mira shook her head no, her once bright blue eyes held fear now. Another white-haired girl, but her's end just above her shoulders. Her body held confidence that the others didn't have when Dragneel was mentioned. She just stood by Mira as Master gave a scolding to the Guild as well as an inspirational speech.

((Okay Lisanna haters I am having her here. Deal with it or leave. Though she will be in love with Natsu, this is a NaLu.))

I looked at Mira and asked for my mark. She asked me what color and where I wanted it. I raised my right hand. I gave a toothy grin again. "Pink, please."

She giggled as she had me repeat it a few times. I hiccuped again and my magic hit Mira. I panicked and more flames shot out of my mouth. Soon some of the others began to argue over it being an accident or not.

The old man sighed and slammed his fist down. Everyone calmed down and sat down chatting as if nothing happened. The short-haired Mira look alike handed me a cup of water. I pressed my temples as I swallowed. I thanked her with a soft smile. She returned it with one of her own. I was about to turn back to Mira when Happy spotted me. "Lucy!" He called as he smiled and flew to me.

I smiled back and held my arms out to him. He flew down to me and snuggled into my chest. He is so lucky he's a cat, or I'd have his head for snuggling there. I smiled down at him.

His smile grew even bigger but was broken by a yawn. He rubbed his eyes tiredly. So cute, I thought. "Can I take a nap, Lucy?"

"Of course," I said. He snuggled into me again and was asleep in a matter of seconds. I looked back at Mira and saw she was okay as well as awake. "Say I'm going to need a job. Know where I can find a permanent one here or nearby?"

Mira was getting used to my quiet voice so she began to think. She was interrupted by the Master, who sat next to me on the bar counter. "Well for here we need a cook and someone who can organize neatly. I would need someone to organize my paperwork once a day since this guild is very messy. As for the cooking Mira is an amazing chef, but her sister isn't so much. She will need help during meal times except for dinner." I nodded. I took my hand out with a look of determination on my face. He shook my hand, but he let go to wave his hand off. "My you have a high body temperature. You gave my hand a light burn. At least no real harm is done."

Eventually Master and I agreed that I will be paid fifteen thousand jewels a week. He looked down and saw Happy awake and comfortably resting in my arms.

"Happy seems quite fond of you." The short haired girl stated. A look of irritation crossed her face for a moment before it disappeared.

"I guess, but it's really up to him who he grows attached to. Like he is with Natsu." The room grew quiet at my last comment. Happy looked down with a mixed look of annoyance and disappointment.

"Lisanna, you know I don't like being mean, but I will if you keep bothering Lucy like that." Happy mumbled so low that I only heard.  He got up and flew up the stairs.

"Did you say Dragneels name?" Lisanna asked. She looked kinda surprised. Her big blue eyes held jealousy. "I'm not even allowed to call him that. Why can you?"

I shrugged and began to get up. "Master I take back what I said. I won't take the offerings. I'll find a job on that board." I stalked over and snatched one that caught my eye. Apparently, someone wants a blonde to disguise herself as a maid and burn a book.

Simple enough.

"Lucy! Can I come?" I looked to see Happy flying to me. Instinctively I held my arms out and held him as he landed.

"Ask Natsu and I'll allow it."

"Why does he need to ask me?" I heard Natsu's voice say. I looked up to see him. I gave a small smile.

"It's respectful to ask someone who basically takes care of you. And it's also respectful to you so you won't wonder where he went."

The guild watched my conversation with Natsu as if we were animals in a zoo. It was apparent that Natsu would come along, to which people shrunk and gave me pitying looks.

With that, we walked out the door.

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