[GIRLS] The Alliance

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🌟 JUNE 13, 2018 🌟

The three girls all looked at each other once their manager came out of their Sajangnim's office, and told them they could come in. Jennie decided to speak up, "Unnie, Lisa still isn't here."

"Wait, let me callㅡ" Jisoo was about to bring out her phone when Manager-unnie hurriedly stopped her.

"There's a reason she's not here. Just go in girls, it's disrespectful to make them wait."

"Them?" Chaeng frowned but Jennie just gestured towards the office door as she saw their manager's persistent gaze.

Jisoo was the one who opened the door and stepped in first, her steps faltering for a second with the sight that greeted her. It was the same for the other two members, but they immediately masked their shock with a professional facade before bowing at each one of their company.

"Girls," Yang Hyunsuk said with an authoritive voice before nodding. Jisoo, Jennie and Rosé all did a ninety-degree bow which was responded by the six guys standing up and also bowing in return.

"It's nice to finally meet you three, I sure hope to meet your maknae too, soon," Bang Si Hyuk uttered with a kind smile which made them smile too.

Jisoo can't hide her curiosity though and glanced at the sunbaes who were with the Producer - of course, his artists themselves, BTS. And like theirs, the group's maknae was also missing - making her confusion more apparent.

Her attention was soon interrupted by the enthusiastic waving of Kim Taehyung - someone who she is a bit acquainted with. She readily smiled and waved back at her former co-MC.

The last and only time they got this kind of interaction with the global group was back when they were rookies. They had to give respect to their sunbaes by visiting their dressing rooms, bowing and introducing themselves. Of course, the awkwardness back then was really palpable - well, good thing their social butterflies Taehyung and Hoseok, and leader Namjoon, helped toning it down a bit.

They would see, bow and smile at each other on festivals and award shows, but that's it. Though the girls heard that their Sajangnim actually had met the guys more than once, and BangPD too, because they once worked with their former labelmate Tablo and got acquainted through him.

"I know you all have heard what happened with your senior, Apink Naeun," YG directly started. "The information that you are about to hear right now should remain confidential, and we're expecting your cooperation in this." There was a long pause as the CEO nodded at Blackpink's manager, who gave both groups a folder each.

"The said incident is actually more serious than how the media presented it, cause that's how the authorities want it to be." BangPD continued, "it's all part of a bigger plan - a plan to catch the attacker who turned out to be a sasaeng and hopefully, to change the mindset of Koreans about idol relationships too."

Jisoo raised her hand, earning a nod from YG. "Why do this so suddenly? Of all the times you could've done this, why now?"

"The attack is a murder attempt," Hyunsuk replied, "and according to the investigations, the attacker was working with a professional hacker and they've been able to access Dispatch's system. The sasaeng specifically targets female idols who are in a relationship with male ones.

"Though the assailant would only attack once the couple has gone public with their relationship - just like Naeun-ssi and Taemin-ssi, before Naeun was attacked."

"And why is that?" Yoongi was the one who asked this time.

"It was the attacker's last resort," YG resumed. "Even before Naeun and Taemin's confirmation, she had known the two were dating, and has been sending threats to Naeun. These letters demand her to break up with him and never publicize their relationship. Naeun-ssi ignored these and look what happened."

"So he or she just wanted idol couples to never publicize their relationship right? Then why is this necessary? The couples could just keep their relationships, and we could negotiate with Dispatch." Seokjin suggested earning nods of approval from the others.

"And let the attacker continue doing this? What if the second time this happens, it wouldn't be just an attempt anymore?" BangPD answered, looking directly at his artist's eyes.

"We've told you earlier, we want to change Korea's mindset about idol relationships. We all know the industry isn't the same as before anymore. Male and female idols can't interact without getting hate and being judged. And not to mention, the increasing number of sasaeng fans that could potentially endanger your lives. We have to do something," he resumed.

"But our maknaes? Isn't this putting them in danger? Jungkook is the most sensitive one among all of us when it comes to public opinions and judgements. You know that PD-nim," Namjoon uttered, worry evident in his tone.

"And Lisa," Rosé started, "she's too innocent for this Sajangnim, and her career... she had not worked hard all these years just for her career to be in jeopardy."

YG took a deep breath and stood up from his seat, "we know it won't be easy to convince you all, but please know that we're not the only ones who's in this. We got the police task force, we got the backing of all the most influential Entertainment Companies, and even Dispatch. The maknaes will be protected 24/7. This is not just a plan kids, this is THE plan.

"Jungkook and Lisa were chosen because of their influence internationally. It's not a secret that the maknaes are two of the most known idols globally and that is an advantage. When the time comes that they needed to publicize their relationship - fake or not - and Koreans don't approve of it, they'll get the support of the international fans who are more open with idols dating."

"So we'll use them," Jimin silently muttered - just enough for everyone to hear. "There are other idols who are internationally popular too, and the ones who are already dating - why can't we just ask them? Why risk the maknaes' safety for this?"

"Not as popular as BTS and Blackpink," Bang Si Hyuk answered, "not as effective as BTS and Blackpink, rather. We can't let idols who were already dating do this plan, cause the sasaeng had probably known of them and was already sending them threats. We need an unexpected pair to do this."

"And because the plan entails that the two will not need to confirm their relationship in the first two to three months. We want to see what the sasaeng does when the relationship still hasn't gone public," YG added.

"Then can you just choose among us here? We can't let the youngest do this," Hoseok tried once more.

The two CEOs looked at each other before Si Hyuk heaved an exasperated sigh and gazed at each one of their artists.

"You know there's another reason the two were chosen," he slightly smiled, "if this plan works and not only International but also Korean fans actually accepted them as a couple - Lisa and Jungkook are the most possible to end up falling in love for real."

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