Chapter 25

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"Living in fear is what every hater, negative person, and the devil wants. Live a righteous life with God and nothing but positivity. You must forgive anyone who has done you dirty, and move on. Your personal life, career, and love life will be that much more amazing after. Life is too short to live it being empty inside, sad, angry, and defensive just to hide your pain. Let it all go and let love and happiness in. Put yourself out there all the way and don't be fearful of losing love. If you don't live life by fully enjoying it and opening your heart, your just not living."

n Behdad Sami

Kayla leaves her room, noticeably limping on her hurt ankle, wearing nothing but her green striped pajama set as she strolls into the kitchen. The apartment that was reimbursed for them during their stay in New York City was generous. The couches were leather, had wall-to-wall carpeting, the kitchen area had stainless steel accessories from the refrigerator and the cooktops to the dishwashers and the cookware that came with it. The place was a bit too sterile and creepy for Kayla's taste.

I still feel like I'm in Patrick Bateman's apartment from American Psycho, Kayla thought as she decided to cook breakfast for herself. She would be damned if she was going to prepare a big lunch for Ryoko and her fuck buddies who were staying on the other side of the apartment. She could hear Ryoko and a few other men grunting and moaning in the separate bedroom, despite the rooms in being soundproof.

And I just lost my appetite, Kayla declared as she grabbed a carton of yogurt from the fridge. She sits down at the table with her smartphone in hand. Enjoying her yogurt, Natalia and Ayeka finally came back from jail. Natalia walked into the apartment with her head down, and a bit timid as Ayeka meets up with Kayla in the kitchen area.

"Well, what do we have here? So how was jail, Natty?" Kayla teased, stirring into her carton of yogurt.

Always on the defensive with her rival, Natalia fired back, "I don't need this shit from you!"

"IS THAT NATALIA?!" A high-pitched female voice hollered in the other room.

Unfortunately for Natalia, she recognizes the voice as this sends shivers down her spine. It was none other than the Angel of Death, Adrian Eichner.

Too much delight, Kayla answered first, "Yes, Mistress."

"TELL HER THAT I'M IN HER ROOM!" Adrian hollered.

"Okay!" Kayla responded as she took her attention towards the woman who was responsible for breaking her ankle in three places, "Natalia, the boss is in your room, waiting for you." Kayla smiled as Natalia didn't even bother looking at Kayla while she gingerly walked to her own bedroom.

As she was walking down the hallway and pretty much towards her impending doom, she knew she was solely responsible for the auditorium being destroyed, and for Ryoko and Kayla getting injured. It was her sloppiness and her lack of foresight that caused such destruction.

As she arrived at her bedroom, her long black and brown-haired mentor staring back with her almond brown eyes, sitting in one of the chairs, wearing her casual black sweater and black pants with stiletto heeled boots underneath her long black overcoat.

Even though she was smiling devilishly, it also made Natalia more nervous as Adrian appeared to be in a good mood. But it didn't matter. What was going on inside her head, only Adrian knew and no one else.

Oscar Wilde once wrote, "Death must be so beautiful. To lie in the soft brown earth, with the grasses waving above one's head, and listen to silence. To have no yesterday and no tomorrow. To forget time, to forget life, to be at peace."

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