What Could Have Been - Part 2

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Marr'ad cracked his eyes open blearily, his teeth chattering against the cold. His skin was numb by now, and his hands were blue. He could hardly move them.

It had been hours since Kore left, and Marr'ad had searched everywhere for a way out. He'd looked until his hands had grown too numb and his body couldn't stand the cold any longer. Then he'd curled up in the corner next to the door and he had remained there till now, huddled up in an effort to preserve what body heat he might have left just to stay alive.

He'd tried to think of a way out, but he couldn't get past the last thing Kore had told him before leaving.

You took everything from me, it's about time I returned the favor. 

Marr'ad felt panic rise in his chest at the thought but he was already trembling and weak from the cold. Only the tightness returned to his chest and he had to struggle to get rid of it. He knew Kore wasn't one to go lightly, and if he said he was going to do something, he would do it. 

Marr'ad swallowed the icy lump in his throat, glad his face was too cold for him to cry as he thought about his brothers. Kali'k, Hart, Dazer, Hook, everyone else in his squad. If Kore went after them there was no doubt in Marr'ad's mind that the former trainer could kill them. 

And unfortunately, he knew that Kore would go after them. It was in the threat. Marr'ad's brothers were the only family he had. Besides his own life, they were everything to him. He loved his family and he couldn't imagine not having them.

He closed his eyes a little, repressing a soft sob as he tried not to think of what Kore might do to the only family he had in the universe. He had to warn them, get them somewhere safe. But how could he protect them if he couldn't even get out of this room?

Screwing his eyes shut in frustration, Marr'ad took a deep breath. The air stung his lungs but he ignored it, instead, he tried to let it clear his mind so he could think.

Exhaustion took hold of him before he could open his eyes, though, and a few minutes later he was slumped back, out cold.

Marr'ad didn't know how much time elapsed between the time he passed out and when the medics jarred him awake as they opened the door and stepped into the room. He was hardly even conscious as they got him up off the floor and carried him out of the room. At first, his mind went back to Kore, but he thought he could see more than one person and assumed he was back on Kamino. 

He'd assumed wrong, though. When his vision came more into focus he found that what he had thought was several medics coming to his rescue was actually one man in a grey jumpsuit and jacket assisted by a medical droid that kept bustling about.

Marr'ad tried to blink the exhaustion from his eyes as he looked around, his vision a little blurry. He was still trembling, but the air around him felt warmer. "W-where a-am I?" he chattered, looking at the man in the jumpsuit.

The man turned to him and rolled his eyes a little, settling both hands on his hips. "Kore, he woke up finally," he called.

Marr'ad screwed his eyes shut as the lights blinded him momentarily and he threw his hands over his face to block out the irritating light. He found his hands were still frigid, but not shaking as badly as before.

When the pain in his head subsided, he opened his eyes slowly and saw the man in the grey jumpsuit had been replaced by Kore. Marr'ad unconsciously shied back a little, struggling to sit up on his elbows.

Kore looked down at him, crossing his arms over his chest. "I thought I'd trained you better than this," he snapped. 

Marr'ad allowed his lips to curl into a defensive snarl, and he pushed himself into a sitting position, squinting in the light. "You're not my trainer, all I learned from you was a load of bantha dung," he hissed.

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