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Once you are an established authority in any niche, you can make an income teaching others what you know. The consultancy industry is one that incorporates every other industry - there is consulting opportunity in every field. Find what people need help with and become that authority people can turn to for the way out of every difficulty in your area.

Top Consulting fields to begin your consulting career in right now

Most consulting jobs require certification and the relevant skills for the job. If you are an expert in any field, irrespective of what it is, you can turn that expertise into a consultancy business.

-IT and computing

The information technology industry is one that will keep experiencing a massive boom in a long time to come. Much of the business growth about to happen in the information technology industry will be consulting jobs. You can cash in on this. You can get the relevant knowledge in some hot areas such as cybersecurity, networking, banking and finance, troubleshooting, etc.


Running a corporation is no easy task. Even the most experienced managers sometimes need help to manage their people. Management consultants make up the most substantial part of the consulting industry. Therefore, this is where you are likely to find the stiffest competition in consulting; however, arming yourself with a good MBA with excellent knowledge and modern-day sales and marketing systems will make you stand out.

-Human Resources

This one has no stiff competitions like the previous one. You can focus on anything from advising companies on ways to improve their business, hiring policies, record keeping, etc. With an undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline, you can succeed as an HR consultant working from home.


Consulting will be a great career option if you have always known your way around the financial industry and financial statements. Companies are always looking for independent auditors who can come in and help them balance the companies' accounts. Accounting consultants who do very well with this line of business specialize in an aspect of the market. You can focus on forensic accounting, international finance law, accounting software, etc.

-Marketing and public relations

If you have experience in sales and marketing, you should build a consulting career out of it. However, you should focus on less competitive areas like internet marketing utilization, international business, etc.

-Social media consulting

With the growth in the popularity and use of social media for driving sales, more business owners are resorting to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., for their advertising services. Today there is an increase in demand for marketing consultants who specialize in advising business owners on how to promote and market their products/services on social networks. Becoming a social media marketing consultant can be a great home based business for you.

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Other typical consulting areas? Please comment.

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