Areas You Could Explore For Your App Development

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If you want to succeed in the app business, you must become a little bit creative to help you know what areas people have ignored for too long and what you can build to solve a particular problem. It won't do to create an app that helps clear malware from Android phones when you know Avast, Norton and other great brands offer very reliable and reputable free anti-virus.

How can you know what people will love? Here are some ideas you could explore:

Research dead apps: Yes, dead because the developers have stopped updating those apps. If you find any apps with a significant number of downloads but limited or no of updates, that could be an area to beam your searchlight.

Think of needs you would love to meet: There could be something you have been wishing your Smartphone could do such as announcing the name of every caller, shutting down unimportant apps and features when the phone battery starts frying, charging while you are out in the sun, etc. If you would buy an app that solves any of these needs, most others will be willing to buy too.

Look around your industry or community: I have seen people succeed from home by building apps that address specific needs in their industry or community. People have developed apps that brought business suppliers closer to consumers such as, which helps people find a taxi whenever they need one and get urgent food deliveries. Think of what customers may require, and once you can come up with an app that meets that need, you are good to go.

The other thing you need to know from the onset is how you publish/market your app.

Where You Can Sell/Publish Your Apps Online.

Learning to code is the first and most crucial step you must take to succeed in this home-based business. However, some people do hire developers on freelance sites like,,,, etc. to help them develop the apps they want.

Once you know how to develop the apps you want, you will need platforms where you will publish your apps for the masses to use them.

Let's see some platforms that help you design, develop and market your apps online:

App Store: Owned by Apple Inc., this platform is the second largest and most popular App market on the World Wide Web today. Their iOS developer program helps you share and distribute your app globally. There are well over 2.2 million apps on this platform, so to make your app stand out; you must ensure you develop something unique and helpful to the target audience.

Google Play Store: This is the most significant app market with over 2.8 million apps on the platform.

Sell My Application: This app store enables you to buy and sell unique codes and licenses. It has the advantage of supporting a wide range of coding platforms such as Blackberry, iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

Buy Sell Apps: This platform offers users pre-made Android apps and OEM. You can publish your apps here and make some cash.

Slide Me: This app platform helps you get the best deals for your apps. It is reputed to be the best platform when it comes to providing you with the right deal for your app and increasing your popularity as a developer across the globe.

So how exactly will you make money through apps? There are several options:

1: You can make money through advertisements: This is where you offer the app as a free download then provide an opportunity to display ads on the app when users are using it.

2: Freemium option: This is where you give out the app for free with options for upgrading to a premium version that does not show ads, one that is more robust, etc.

3: Sell them/premium: You could as well sell the apps directly to people who are willing to buy them. With this option, there won't be any free version of the app.

With all the above in mind, in the next chapter, we will discuss some ideas that will undoubtedly help you to succeed in the app business. See you there.

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