Chapter 3: Promises kept

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Chapter 3: promises kept

I buckled in and she sped out getting us back to her house, which was six miles away, in two minutes. We walked in and cleaned up into our pjs once my crying calmed down. We each laid across her bed and I let out a shaky sigh.

"I knew Chance for four years and felt like this when I heard the news. I've known Collin for less than twenty four hours." I said quietly. Chloe pulled me into a hug. "I feel like I have known him for years and now it's like history is repeating itself."

"Hey. Listen to me. History isn't repeating. It will be different this time. Collin is going, but he is going to come back." Chloe said hugging me. Suddenly my phone started ringing.

"Trevor. Why are you calling me at two in the morning?" I asked shakily into the phone.

"Lyndsey. Wait are you crying?" he asked worried in the phone.

"Yeah Chloe and I are watching a chick flick. Why are you calling?" I quickly lied while Chloe sent me a pointed glare. I wasn't in the mood to put up with Trevor's questioning though.

"Yeah um I thought you might want to know I'm shipping out in-"

"Three days." I finished with a shocked whisper.

"Yeah how did you know?" I sat there wide eyed holding the phone. "Lyndsey? Are you okay? are you there? Lyndsey!" he said loudly and worried. I slowly and almost robotically handed Chloe the phone. She took it immediately.

"Hey. Yeah she is fine. We gotta go. Bye Trevor. No! Don't come here unless I call you back. Yes I'm sure now spend time with your fiancé! I can take care of her Trevor. Bye Trevor!" she said snapping the phone shut. After a moment, I looked up at Chloe.

"I have three days left with Trevor and Collin. What do I do?" I asked desperately as a few tears streamed down my cheeks.


"DANG IT YOU STUPID COFFEE MACHINE!" I yelled as it once again spit out burnt. I was stressed out as it was. I had three customers waiting in line for coffee including one who I hadn't talked to since I ran out on him when he needed me most two nights ago. I walked over to the steam and cleared it out quickly before trying another batch. I made two cups of coffee and walked them over to the couple standing at the register. "Three dollars." I said giving them half off for prolonged service. The next customer stepped up and I stared down at the cash register. "What can I get you?"

"Sweet tea no lemon." he said casually. I nodded and looked at the floor as I walked to the counter behind me. I poured the ice into the glass and then filled it with sweet tea. My eyes then refocused on the floor and I walked back to Collin. I typed the order into the register.

"One ninety-five." I said not looking up from the little screen. He slid the money into my field of vision and I slid it into the drawer in the appropriate slots. He was leaving tomorrow.

"So are you going to look up or are you going to give me the cold shoulder until I leave?" he asked sounding really hurt. My heart broke some more and I didn't trust my mouth to open. I kept looking down and grabbed a rag to start cleaning tables off. He put his hand on my shoulder from behind but I shrugged it off. "Fine. I'm sorry that since I can't stay here, I'm not good enough for you." he said. His voice cracked at the end and I heard him turn on his heel. I couldn't stand it anymore.

"Wait. Please. Please wait." I said quietly with a shaky voice, but he still heard it. I looked up with teary eyes to see him stop as he reached for the door. Our eyes met and everything I had been pushing away was suddenly bubbling up inside me. He looked so sad and I knew I was causing that. He walked towards me until I was staring up at his face, his body less than a foot away from mine.