Ch. 22 You are loved

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Hime_chan10: In this story, Cedric Diggory will be an important person for Azalea. 


Three days later. 

September 5, 1991. 

Friday morning.

Azalea has been comfortably resting in the Hospital Wing, but she misses being with her friends and going to classes. She hears footsteps walking towards her bed. She couldn't see because of the bandages wrapped around her face.

" Azalea Potter" A gentle male voice speaks up. 

" Hmm?" Azalea hummed. 

" My name is Cedric Diggory. A third-year Hufflepuff Prefect. I wanted to know how you are feeling?" The gentle male voice asked Azalea.

Azalea nods her head. 

" But, I am a Slytherin?" She sounds curious yet confused. 

" I know, but you were seriously injured, and I wanted to know how you are feeling" Cedric tells her.

" I am feeling much better. Madam Pomfrey says that I will take my bandage off today" Azalea excited tells Cedric.

" That's good" Cedric sounds happy for Azalea.

" But, how did you know that I was injured?" Azalea asked. 

" Gossip spread around rather fast when it came to Azalea Potter getting injured" Cedric tells her.

Azalea blushes under the bandage. 

Cedric smiles at Azalea.

" Cedric, dear. Would you be kind enough to take Azalea's bandage off for me?" Madam Pomfrey speaks up. " I am taking care of a student who injured themselves while flying" She tells him. 

" Of course, Madam Pomfrey" Cedric politely nods his head. " Okay, Azalea. I am going to take your bandage off. Let me know if your face starts to hurt" He tells her.

Azalea nods her head. 

Cedric slowly and carefully takes the bandage off of Azalea's face. He looks forward and smiles when he sees Azalea's bright green eyes that reminded him of the forest. 

" How are you feeling?" He asked Azalea.

Azalea blinks when she sees Cedric in front of her. She carefully studied Cedric's facial features and noticed that he has wavy dark hair and kind grey eyes. A small blush appears on her cheeks because Cedric reminds her of a Prince.

" I am feeling much better. Thank you. I don't have boils on my face, right?" Azalea asked him.

Cedric shakes his head.

" No. Your face is better now" He tells her.

" Thank you" Azalea smiles at him.

Cedric smiles back at her.

Azalea looks at her surroundings and wears a surprised expression when she sees a lot of gifts by her bed.

" Are those mine?" She points to them.

Cedric looks at the gifts and smiles.

" Yes. Most of them are from the other Houses. They felt bad for what happened to you" He tells her.  

Azalea smiles.

She couldn't believe that people gave her gifts. She blinks when she sees a card with her name on it. She picks up the card and opens it.

Dear Azalea,

I am deeply sorry that my youngest brother, Ronald Weasley caused harm to you. I immediately wrote a letter to my parents explaining what happened to you. I hope you are recovering well and if you are scared that Ronald will harm you as you go to your classes. Don't worry; I shall guide you to your classes so that you will feel safe. I have told Professor McGonagall about it, and she agrees with me. I hope to see you in Great Hall because your smile gives me and other happiness.

Percy Weasley. 

Azalea smiled when she finished reading the letter. She closed the card and put it down when she sees a jar of jellybeans that was charmed to transform into butterflies. She giggles finding the other students' gifts rather lovely. 

The door to the Hospital Wing opened revealing Severus who came to check up on Azalea. Severus enters the room and smiles when he sees Azalea happily conversing with Cedric. He walks up to the two students. 

" Ms. Potter, how are you feeling?" Severus asked Azalea.

Azalea smiles at Severus.

" I am feeling so much better. I am flattered with all of the gifts that the other students gave me, but I don't deserve them" She tells him.

" Ms. Potter, you are loved. These gifts mean that everyone cares about your wellbeing" Severus tells her. 

" I agree with Professor Snape" Cedric tells Azalea.

Azalea nods her head.

" Okay, but there are so many gifts. I don't know how I will take them to my dorm" She sadly sighs. 

" Don't worry, Ms. Potter" Severus pulls out his wand and waves it at the gifts which quickly disappear before their eyes. " They are sent to your dorm room" He turns to look at Azalea.

" Thank you, Professor Snape" Azalea gets out of the bed and stretches. " I am going to get ready and go to the Great Hall because I am hungry" She tells him. 

" Ms. Potter, you can change in my office since I made sure that your school uniform is wash and ready for you" Madam Pomfrey tells her.

Azalea nods her head.

" Thank you, Madam Pomfrey" She smiles as she walked towards the office and closed the door behind him.

" Mr. Diggory, I hope you don't mind guide Ms. Potter to the Great Hall?" Severus turns to look at Cedric.

" I was going to guide her there myself, Professor" Cedric chuckles. 

" Good" Severus nods his head. " Ten points to Hufflepuff for helping a Slytherin out" He tells him. 

" You didn't have to give me points, Professor, but thank you" Cedric nods his head.

Azalea walks out of the office wearing the Slytherin school uniform. She happily walks up to Severus and Cedric.

" Ms. Potter, Mr. Diggory is going to take you to the Great Hall since I have stuff to do" Severus tells her.

Azalea nods her head.

" Okay" She turns to look at Cedric.

 " Ready?" She happily asked him.

" I am ready" Cedric chuckles as he walks out of the Hospital Wing with Azalea. " I know your friends will be so happy to see you" He tells her as they walk to the Great Hall.

" Yeah!" Azalea closed her eyes and wore a pleased expression. " I miss my friends so much, and I am starving!" She giggles.

Cedric chuckles.

" Azalea. I hope you don't mind being my friend" He tells her.

Azalea opens her eyes and looks at him.

" I don't mind being your friend as well!" She smiles at him.

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