Day 1

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Thomas's POV:

I was getting ready for bed when I heard a loud crash. I jumped and hid under my blanket. I poked my head out and looked around the room. It didn't help that it was dark outside and the hallway was pitch black. I sighed, am I really going to do this? I heard a high pitched screech.

I covered my ears and sat up straight (heheheh). Okay, now I have to go out there. I grabbed my phone and turned on the flash as I walked into the hallway. I followed the screaming into my living room.

I flicked on the lights. I gasped and nearly dropped my phone. There were tiny versions of Virgil, Roman, Patton, Logan, and Deceit sitting on my couch. Tiny Patton was trying to calm down a screaming and crying tiny Virgil.

"Calm down please." I heard tiny Patton say. "Sorry for waking you." Tiny Logan said. I told him it was fine. I walked over to Virgil and started to sooth him. "Hey bud, don't cry. What's wrong?" I asked

He hiccupped and tried to talk. I shook my head. "Calm down. Breath like me, okay?" I said slowing my breathing so Virgil can copy it. After a few tries he finally calmed down and was breathing normally.

I smiled, rubbing the toddler's back. "There you go." I said. He silently crawled on my lap and laid there. I chuckled a little and let him. "Now will you tell me what's wrong?" I asked.

Virgil nodded. "I was in my room and all the sudden I was here. It scared me." He said. Oh my god, he's adorable! I cooed at him. He turned bright red and dug his head in his knees. "Aw, it's okay. Wait, how did y'all get here?" I asked.

Everyone looked at Logan. "Really?" He said, I chuckled. "Logan was messing with potions!" Roman declared. "Potions? What do you mean?" Logan sighed. "I have potions I use for science. I may have spilled the deaging potion a little." He said.

I nodded and furrowed my eyebrows. "Do you have an antidote?" I asked. Logan sighed. "I'm afraid not." He said, I sighed. "I guess you all are stuck with me then?" They all nodded. "By the way, do you guys do things differently now?" I asked.

"We do. Virgil can't transfer anxiety to you anymore, Patton can't influence your emotions, Roman can't conjure anything, I can't read, and Deceit can't lie." Logan pointed out.

I perked up a bit. "Deceit CAN'T lie?" I asked. "Correct." Logan said. I smiled and looked at Deceit who was pouting. "No more trouble for you!" I said. He hissed and flipped me off. I frowned slightly and looked at the others.

"Well, if you guys are staying with me you all need to go to bed." Groans rang inside the room as I chucked. I stood up and looked at them. "How old are you guys?" I asked. "I'm five!" Patton said. "I'm three." Roman said. "I guess I am five, Virgil is two and Deceit is one." Logan stated.

"Then I have to carry Deceit up the stairs since he can't on his own." I said. Deceit turned red as everyone else snickered. I picked him up and set him on my hip. I grabbed Virgil's hand and walked to the stairs.

"Okay, everyone up the stairs!" I called out. Logan, Patton, and Roman jumped from the couch and ran upstairs. "Careful!" I shouted. I helped Virgil walk up the stairs as Deceit laid his head on my shoulder. He must be tired.

I got up the stairs and in my room. Logan was getting comfortable on one of my beanbag chairs in the corner as Patton laid in the other one. Roman was spread out at the bottom of my bed already snoring.

I chuckled and moved his tiny legs as I laid Virgil down next to him. I put Deceit at the top and laid next to him. "Goodnight guys." I said. "Goodnight." I heard everyone say, besides Roman. I sighed, unprepared for the next day.


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