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Third Person's Point of View:

"Miss Madyson, you have returned!" Smithers gasped looking at the girl who had entered the Pembrooke with her head up and her back straight. She smiled at Smithers and walked confidently up to the apartment worth thousands.

Hermione gasped when her youngest daughter entered the apartment. "Madyson..."

Hermione watched as the girl walked up to her older sister who seemed to be filled with guilt, but covered it up with annoyance. "You want to tell me that I'm the Black Sheep? You want to tell me that I don't belong? Do you want me gone? Well guess what Veronica, I'm sorry for whatever that I did. But whatever it is, its so fucking stupid; but you will not bring me down. Don't forget that I am a Lodge, no matter what you say."

Veronica gapped as she and her mother watched as her sister walked into her room and came out with an album. The album of their childhood. Madyson slammed the photo album on the table and flipped to the first page and went from there. Page after page, the two eldest Lodges' in the room eyes had filled with tears.

Each picture showed Hermione favoring Veronica as Madyson sat in the back. Each page showed how Veronica was the spotlight while Madyson was her 'hype man'.

Madyson flipped to the last page and placed her hands on the table to lean forward. "You see that Veronica?" she asked.

"That," Madyson pointed to the picture of them hugging with a smile. "That is something that you broke. All because of me talking the lead role in the play?"

"Because I was jealous, okay! You always had daddy wrapped around your finger! I was so jealous!" Veronica screamed. Hermione sat down and looked through the thick photo album, her hand over her mouth.

"So? Is it my fault? Is it my fault that he pittied me?"

Veronica's eyebrows furrowed. "W-What do you mean?" Veronica asked. Madyson glared at her sister and scoffed. "Don't you get it, Veroncia? When we were born, you were sent home after a few weeks. I stayed for two more weeks. I was malnurished. No one fed me properly and I was dying. The only reason why I'm still here today is because dad brought me to the hospital. And every single fucking day," She hissed, "I went to the hospital to get a fucking stupid I.V bag stuck to me for hours. I went to so many damn appointments that everyone, even the patients staying long-term, knew who I was! I was dying. Because you were the center of attention. So I don't see why you're bitching about being jealous."

Madyson sobbed, pulling her sleeves up and showing her no longer bandaged arms; covered with fresh gashes. "I tried not to, but I couldn't help it... I just saw an opportunity to do it, but someone stopped me again..."

Veronica grew speechless, her tears slipping down her cheek; as did her sister's. "Maddy... I'm so sorry," Veronica sobbed, jumping her sister to hug her. Madyson tensed, feeling her sister's arms around her for the first time. Hermione stood up, not caring that the chair had fallen, and hugged her two daughters.

"I'm so sorry," they all cried, hugging eachother.

For the next hour, the females in the Lodge family stayed in eachother's arms. It was the first time they had seen Madyson be so emotional at a time, and it made them feel so bad and shocked at the same time. When did she change to be this open?

During the beginning of first period, the PA system turned on. "Students of Riverdale High, it has been brought to our attention that your classmate, Madyson Lodge, has been found. She will be returning tomorrow morning, and her family insists that you please, won't bother nor pester the poor girl."

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