Chapter 6

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1 year later

This past year was interesting for the young dragon.

He became an S-class wizard about 4 months ago, becoming the youngest S-class mage in Fairy Tails history.

He also became really good friends with the Strauss siblings, specifically Mirajane.

Currently, (Y/n) was sitting at a table with the Strauss siblings, Mira had been trying to convince him to take them on an S-class job since she wasn't S-class yet. She has been trying this for the past 3 hours, with him saying no every time since he could tell that Lisanna and Elfman weren't ready for that yet.

Then, Natsu burst into the guild with a big egg with blue markings in his arms.

Natsu: Hey you guys! Check out this awesome egg I just found!

Makarov: Where in places did you pick up that thing?

Natsu: I found it in the East Forest.

Makarov: The East Forest?

Gray: Look at that. Guess you're good for something after all. Gonna fry it up for us?

Cana: Gray! Your clothes!

She sighed as he jumped from surprise, indeed being almost completely naked.

Natsu: I ain't gonna fry this! Can't you see it's a dragon's egg? I'm gonna hatch it!

Cana: You sure?

Natsu: Look at the marks on the outside of it. They look just like dragon claws. Right?

Gray: I don't know about that.

(Y/n) walked up and kneeled in front of the egg.

(Y/n): Hate to burst your bubble, Natsu. But that isn't a dragon's egg.

Natsu: How do you know?

(Y/n): Because, a dragon's egg looks like it's made of scales and it wouldn't have marks like this.

Gray: How would you know that?

(Y/n): Because I AM a dragon, Gray. I know what my old eggshell looked like.

Gray: Yeah, like I believe that.

He whispered, not knowing that both (Y/n) and Natsu heard him. But Natsu finally did something smart and changed the topic.

Natsu: So anyway gramps. Why don't you hatch the dragon with a spell?

Makarov: "sigh" Don't be a fool! Using magic for such a purpose would dishonor the miracle of life. You see, life is born from love and love alone. No spell can transcend that power. 

Natsu: Sorry gramps, I don't think I'm following ya.

Makarov: "sigh" Well, you'll understand when you grow up.
Very short timeskip

Natsu: So how are we suppose to make it hatch?

Lisanna: I think you just warm it up.

Natsu: What, for real? Looks like I'm the right man for the job.

He said as he grabbed the egg and breathed fire on it.

Lisanna: Not like that, Natsu!

Gray: Are you stupid!?

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