Turn Your Passion for Writing into a Profession

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The home-based business option of copywriting is one that has been extensively talked about, explored and utilized by many. No matter how ordinary this home-based business is, it can never go out of fashion. Why is that so? Well, the reason is simple; as long as people will be selling stuff and others will be buying stuff, copywriters will never go out of work. Think about it; millions of companies out there are looking for someone to help them write their sales letters, web content, product reviews, press releases, SEO articles, and many more. The ever-increasing demand for freelance writers has made this option a hot one for home-based business owners.

So, if you have a passion for writing, it can be a great idea to turn that writing passion into a successful profession from the comfort of your home. One great thing about this option is that you can do it from anywhere provided you have access to a computer with internet connectivity. Moreover, it requires very little initial capital outlay since the only thing you need is a PC and internet connection! That's not all; you can do it while still on your paid day job, you can do it while on vacation in any part of the world, you can do it from your bedroom, attic, living room, or from wherever you so wish to operate. And what's more? You can never be out of business so long as you know what you are doing and have a penchant for quality content.

So what options are available for you to explore as a writer? Let's look at some examples:


A blog is perhaps one of the most important assets you can have if you work online. When you have a blog, you can do just about everything else; selling information products, publishing on Kindle, selling apps and software, selling ebooks, having membership programs and just about everything else you can think of as far as making money online is concerned. Besides, the content on your blog can be a right place where you can show your prospective clients what sort of a writer you are, which primarily provides an excellent avenue for generating leads for writing clients. And if you are committed to it, you can be sure that blogging will yield the kind of fruits you aspire to have. I know some people who have turned their passion for writing into million dollar blogging businesses. Well, that doesn't mean everyone who tries their hand at blogging succeeds; millions of bloggers don't even celebrate their first anniversary as bloggers! How can you be successful as a blogger? Or you are perhaps already a successful blogger? Please comment on this.

To stand your blogging brand out, here are some tips that will make this possible:

*Choose a niche, less chosen: Don't go with something that many people have exploited. There are niches where many others are struggling - don't join the struggle. There are hot blogging niches you can choose and get people trooping into your page to know what is new. Look at the tech and app development industry, talk about latest breakthroughs in sciences and health. You can also become an authority in women's health, how to repair failed marriages/relationships and give relevant tips on pitfalls for others to avoid in their marriages/relationships, talk about fashion trends for the future, etc.

Talking about niches I published my first book on Amazon four months ago. The title is "Business Life for Women". Now this is the number one in three different categories/niches. Great fun! You can download it for free on my website . You will find the link at the end of this chapter.

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