Wake up.

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Confiding in Jenna was easy. She understood my bloods need to be around my Mate. I was angry when she left but I understood. Her entire life she had been on the run. She wanted her freedom and I needed to give it to her.

Time passed slowly. Months seemed like years. I did my duties as I always had and I looked over my kingdom the way a Queen should but I feel empty.

Days after her departure I contacted her friend Sam. I provided him with my cell phone number so if ever there was a time she needed me I could be there.

Sleep was easy. I was able to stop thinking about her when my mind drifted into sleep. I often dreamed about love like any person would. At least now I could put a face to the feeling. It was dark and the moonlight was flowing though my window and I felt myself start to drift when I heard it.

'I'm sorry Kaitlyn.' It was her! I shot up out of my bed throwing on my robe. I tried to contact her back but I got no response. I found myself panicking and pacing the floors of my study repetitively called my personal pilot. After the seventh phone call he answered and I ensured him I wouldn't take his life if he met me at the terminal now.

Jenna was waiting for me by the front door with her keys in her hand. It was clear my entire household could hear me screaming into the phone. The drive to the airport consisted of me explaining what happened to Jenna. She remained calm while I was a wreck. It was like we couldn't get there fast enough.

"Maybe she was just drunk or something. Twenty somethings in this day and age do that shit you know. Drunk dial or whatever they call it." She was trying to calm my mind but it was making it worse.

"She is in danger I can feel it Jenna." At this point my voice was cracking and I left a lump forming in my throat. Please be okay Lydia.


The plane ride was torture. Not knowing was killing me. Before I left I had my informants track Sam so I could speak with him. They were instructed to keep them at the club until my arrival. There were no update while we flew there because of the altitude.

Finally we landed.

We raced through the streets of New York as swiftly as week could. How do people fucking live here the traffic is horrible. Damn it.

We reached the club and Sam was waiting for us at the bar.

"Where is she!" I screamed at him.

He explained how he gave her the silver pills to help her get drunk and how she left with a woman. When he said it I felt my heart breaking. My pain quickly turned into anger as I grabbed him my the neck and threw him across the building.

"You fed her fucking silver you idiot!" I was screaming as I walked towards him ready to rip the life out of his body. Jenna quickly interjected.

"Let's go to her place we have to start somewhere maybe she's home." Jenna reasoned with me.

"I can show you her apartment, I would never purposely put her in danger." Sam added as he stood.

"Take me."


I nearly killed two hundred people to get here. The traffic alone raised my blood pressure. The broke the door open half ready to see her with another woman. If that had been the case I would have probably killed the poor girl she was with.

The place was empty. Her stuff was thrown around and dresser drawers were flipped upside down leaving her belongings scattered throughout the floor. It was clear the place had been ransacked.

"She's been taken." My words made our entire party look away in fear.

I had my scouts take some of her clothes and track her as best they could while Sam and I looked over the surveillance videos from the night before. Kelly joined us at Lydia's apartment a few hours later. We watched the mystery girl kissing my Mate before helping her into the car and driving away.

"The plate, track the fucking license plate!" I shouted to my near by guard and he disappeared to make his phone calls. The waiting was tearing me apart. Where is she?

My scouts returned with nothing leaving me feeling helpless.

"We found an address it's just north of the city My Queen. It belongs to a known vampire in the area."

I walked directly passed him and to the car. I didn't care who followed or if she was there willingly. I was going to kill whoever put their hands on her. Jenna, Kelly, and Sam joined me for the ride. The entire time I was silently trying to calm myself. The vampire who she was with had attempted to over throw me twice. Each time he failed thanks to Marcus. We were unable to track the evidence to him because he always had others do is bidding. I should have killed him years ago.

We arrived at the house seeing bodyguards at every entrance. It was going to be sloppy if we all went in to disarm them. Too many humans around.

I have to go alone.

"Wait here." I instructed all of them as I exited our vehicle, ignoring everything everyone said to try and stop me. Some of the bodyguards ran at sight of me while others held their ground.

"Move and I will spare you. Move and I will let you live long enough to apologize for your treason." My eyes were burning red but he didn't budge.

In a swift move I grabbed him and threw him away from the door where my guards grabbed him. The door was unlocked and I could smell blood in the air. There were dead humans everywhere in this home.

"It was foolish for you to come here Queen." I heard the voice from behind me.

"Trying to kill me again Lyle?" I answered as I turned to face him."Where is she?"

"Dead, just like you will be soon enough."

He lunged at me. His hand held a silver spike and we wrestled as he attempted to end my life. He was older than me and much stronger. There was one thing that separated us, the Mate bond made me stronger. I kicked him off of me. He grabbed hold of my throat and plunged a spike into my chest just missing my heart.

He laughed as he pulled it out and prepared to do it again. This time I caught his hand. His strength was too much I needed to find a way to separate us. So I did what every woman would to defend herself. I kicked him between the legs stunning him just enough for me to grab his head and rip it from his body.

I called for Jenna while I followed the rotting smell unto the basement. There she was. The scene was horrific. She was burning from the silver in her body. She was barely breathing. There was blood everywhere but none of it was hers.

"We don't have much time Kaitlyn. She needs your blood now!" Jenna screamed shaking me out of my my shock.

They pulled the spikes and chains from her as I bit my wrist drawing out my blood. I propped her lifeless head back as I let my blood flow into her mouth.

Nothing was happening. I tore my skin open more allowing twice the blood to enter her. Moments later I felt her bite me. Her hands grabbed my wrist locking her teeth into my flesh.

"It's working!" Sam screamed in excitement as her wounds began to heal.

It was euphoric. The feeling I had when she drank from me turned my eyes purple. It only proved to me what I knew the moment I saw her lifeless body on that filthy bed.

I love her.

"Kaitlyn you need to stop she's taking too much." Jenna's voice flowed through my ears in slow motion. The room began to spin and I felt darkness closing in around me.

'Someone worth dying for.' I heard Marcus's voice echo in my head. It's her. His very daughter. My Mate. If I died saving her it would be worth it, my life for hers.

Everything went dark.

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