The apartment

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Britney's POV

"I can't believe you were DRUNK!"

It had only been 2 minutes since Noah's confession, but to me, it felt like a life time had gone by because I was stuck at this very moment. I couldn't believe he was drunk the whole time.

"Brit, I'm truly sorry! I didn't want this to happen!", Noah said. That hurt me even more. He didn't want this to happen. It broke my heart to hear those words.

The words I was always afraid of came to life and hit me square in the face. He didn't love me the way I loved him. The thing we did meant nothing to him.

I felt like crying. And guess what? Yep, I cried like a baby. "Oh, Britney. Don't cry babe! I'm sorry. Rea-", then I cut him off, the anger hidden in my voice, but I could tell he knew I was upset.

"I already know your sorry.", I said with tears running down my face. "It's just that..", I hesitated with my sentence. It almost felt like it was stuck on my tongue or something.

"I'm crying because none of.. what we did matters to you." And there it was.

"Brit, of COURSE it matters to me. Really! But, it didn't seem right to do it now-", then I cut him off. "We DIDN'T do it. We just.. made out and.. kissed.", I mumbled, cutting him off. He stared at me blankly, like he was confused on why we didn't go further. He must've been REALLY drunk if he didn't remember that.

"Oh. I thought.. well.. you know. I really don't remember that.", he mumbled with a grimace. I guess trying to remember gave him a bigger headache.

"Noah, I know you. I know you drink sometimes in the morning but, .. but, Noah.. why? Why do you have to drink so much? What's the point of that?"

He shuffled in his sheets, looking down at his fingers, starting to play with them. He would always do that when he was uncomfortable with something.

"I don't know. I just.. I just drink because it relieves my stress you know? When my parents piss me off, I drink. When I get in fights at school, afterwards, I drink. When I know your dad got on you, I.." He didn't have to finish his sentence.

"Speaking of fighting, how's your hand.", Noah said. I looked down and realized the bandage had fallen off in the bed. I quickly grabbed it and tried to wrap it on my wrist, but my hand was shaking and I couldn't get it on. Why was I shaking?

Noah grabbed my hand, taking the bandage from me. "Let me", he insisted, and started to gently wrap the bandage on my wrist. I smiled a little while he was doing so. He really did care about me.

"There", he said, "Now you can tell me what happened." I hesitated for a moment, knowing no matter who I said did this to me, he would still threaten to pummel them to a pulp.

Then I said, "Some jerk on the bus tripped me." He sighed, looking down. Then he put on his glare face. "Who was it?" "I don't know. I didn't see his face."

"Well, why didn't you call me to drive you to school?", he asked, obviously starting to get upset with the whole situation.

How was he going to get angry with ME? He should be lucky I'm was still trying to talk to him without getting pissed off, and so far, it wasn't working.

"How the hell was I supposed to know that some jerk was going to do this to me!? And plus, you told me it would be to dangerous for me to get a ride from you in the morning because you might be drunk.", I grumbled.

He looked at me with surprise as to what I just said. Why was he so surprised?

"I.. I said that?", he asked me, his eyebrow raised. Wait, he didn't remember saying that to me? Then it hit me.

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