Ch. 21 Is Azalea going to live?

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All of the students including Slytherin noticed the classroom suddenly become very cold. They looked forward seeing Severus slowly standing up as he wears an angry expression.

" What happened?!" Severus angrily shouted as he ran towards Azalea's side. " I know for a fact Ms. Potter didn't do it on herself" He looks at all of the students including Harry. " Did you do it, Mr. Potter?" His tone became harsher as he stares at the youngest Potter. 

Harry was lost for words. He didn't know what to say since seeing his big sister on the floor in pain surprised him.

" Were you envious that Ms. Potter got the answer correct and decided to sabotage her potion as revenge?" Severus asked him. " Class is dismissed!" He shouts. " Once I am finished taking Ms. Potter to the Hospital Wing. I am taking you to see the Headmaster for your punishment" He angrily stares into Harry's eyes. 

" Pro-" Harry gets cut off by Azalea's voice.

" P-Professor. I-It hurts" Azalea painfully cries.

Severus carefully takes Azalea into his arms as he stands up. He reassures Azalea that everything is going to be okay. He quickly runs out of the room leaving his students behind. 

The classroom became silent since both Gryffindor and Slytherin first-year didn't know what to do when suddenly laughter filled in the room. All of the students including Harry turned their heads seeing Ron laugh.

" Hahahaha. Did you see Azalea's face? Hahahaha. It became all boily. Hahahaha. That is what she gets for being a Know-It-All and embarrassing Harry in class" Ron spoke while laughing at the same time. 

Draco wears an angry expression as his hands tightened into fists. He stands up and was about to walk towards Ron, but stopped himself when he sees Harry jumping onto Ron by punching the red-haired on the face.

" Ron!" Harry angrily shouts. 

" I can see who is the bad guy here between you and Malfoy" He glares at him. " Malfoy may come from a bad family, but at least he has been so nice to my big sister unlike you" He tells him. 

Draco wears a surprised expression. 

Ron's face begins to bruise as he glares at Harry.

Harry was about to punch Ron's face again, but Draco stops him by pulling the youngest Potter back.

" Harry. You need to calm down. I'll take you to Professor Snape, and I will tell him the truth for you" Draco tells him. 

Harry nods his head.

He looks back at Ron.

" Azalea is my only family" He tells him. " If something terrible happens to her and if she would regret it!" He spits at him. " Let's go, Malfoy" He quickly walks out of the classroom.

Draco looks down at Ron.

" I hope you get expelled" He smirks. " Blaise and Theo. I want you two to stay by his side. Don't want Weasel to run away" He tells him as he turns around and walks out of the classroom.

Hermione and Daphne stare at Ron with a disgusting expression.

" I can't believe you did that, Ronald. Azalea never hurts or did anything bad to you. I hope you get in trouble for your actions" Hermione glares at Ron. " Blaise. Theo. Daphne and I are going to see how Azalea is doing" She tells the boys.

Blaise and Theo nod their heads. 

Both girls quickly run out of the classroom.

One by one Slytherin and Gryffindor first-years glared at Ron as they leave the classroom since they have to go to their next class.

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