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Frankie's pov
'Brooke Frankie Dolan! How dare you slap the new boy' my mom screamed.
'you know I don't like to be called Brooke!' I scoffed, 'and plus it's his fault for annoying me!'
'I didn't want to tell you this now, but I'm leaving for a trip so your left with Grayson and Ethan for a few' I cut her off
'how long.' I snarled
'A few years' she said.
'Bye!' I screamed and ran up to my room.

I yanked my phone off of charge and texted my best friend Harvey.

Hoover 🥰

Me- I cant believe my mom

Hoover🥰- why what happened I'm coming over

Me- she's leaving for a 'few years' like last time we know it's gonna be abt 50

Hoover🥰-I'm at your window open up
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'Are you alright?' He spoke out as I opened the window which he crawled through. 'I'm alright' I said flopping onto my bed.
' I'm tired' I yawned
'ok night' he smiled cuddling next to me.
'night hoover' I giggled closing my eyes.

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