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niall horan

niall horan;
are you and luke back together?

no we're not niall
we've just been talking, he's been helping me about you & i wanted to see petunia

niall horan;
which sounds awful but i've always had this funny feeling you never got over him
and you running straight back into his arms terrified me

niall you don't have any right to care lol
you broke up with me for someone else, even if luke and i were back together you lost the right to care when you told me you had feelings for hailee

niall horan;
i'm sorry lola
you know i didn't want to hurt you i just wanted to be honest with you so i didn't break your heart
hailee and i aren't together anyway, i promise that's all over already
i realised what a mistake i made and i'm sorry
i love you

i presume you mean she rejected you and dropped you straight into the friend zone
she dmed me apologising about everything niall

niall horan;
that's not how it happened
i'm sorry
look can we talk about this please? in person?

why? about what?
literally what could you possibly have to say
we're not exactly going to get back together niall lmao

niall horan;
i didn't say i expected you to take me back
just let me talk to you properly about this, please? that's all i ask of you

can't you just phone me? it's quicker and means i don't have to actually waste my energy

niall horan;
lola i love you
you know i love you and i always will
i just want to talk and to see you again
i miss you and i want to be on better terms, at least
everyone thinks i cheated on you

what you're saying is you've got bad press from our break up which is ruining your "sweet little irish boy" rep and you want me to pretend that everything is fine so you can look like a good guy again
look niall i know you didn't mean to hurt me, things weren't meant to be and that's okay! you're not a bad guy and our time together was amazing but it's over now and that's the way it is

niall horan;
please lola
just one coffee? that's all i ask
thank you, i do love you please know that

fine, one coffee
but nothing is going to happen if that's even what you want ahaha

niall horan;
are you free this afternoon?
i'm so bloody glad the tour is in la at the moment
i want whatever is best for you, lola xx

i am

niall horan;
i'll have a look where's good to grab a coffee, whenever you feel like x

okay :)
see you niall

nothing is going to happen i promise
i really didn't wanna make niall a dick hahahah

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