15- Saving a life

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It's been almost two months since Harlow passed away, also when Gabriella had asked Antonio if Sadie was going to be her new mommy. He thought about her question often, and never responded to her about it, he didn't know what to say her about that.

Each day without Harlow had been a challenge for him, he had been trying to go on with life without her, he also kept thinking to himself that he wasn't sure how to go on without her.

Everytime he looked at his daughters he would see Harlow, they were spitting images of her, hurting him even more. He began avoiding, trying to stop the pain, even avoiding Sadie. Everyday he would drive around for hours, he also began to stay at work later just to avoid seeing everyone when he got home.

Antonio was also visiting her grave nearly everyday, after his latest visit with her he was at his wits end and not thinking clearly, he drove to a sporting goods store, and walked in looking at various handguns, after seeing one that he liked, he purchased it. On his way home he kept looking at the handgun that he had sitting on the passenger seat, wondering when and where he was going to do it. When he got home, he quickly went into his office avoiding Sadie and the girls.

He placed the handgun in the bottom drawer of his desk, and pulled out pictures of Harlow placing them on top of the desk. He then poured himself a drink as he sat in his chair, staring at her pictures for the longest time. He closed his eyes remembering when they met, where they met, and all the trips they took together. He began remembering some of their biggest fights, and her last days here on earth with him. He was still hating himself for not saving her life.

Sadie was outside with the girls, and looked at the time, figuring that it was time for their nap. She brought them inside and headed upstairs, laying them down.

She went back down the stairs and was about to go pick up their toys when she noticed that Antonio's office door was closed. Seeing that it was closed, she knew that he was home, and decided to go talk to him, wanting to give Antonio a piece of her mind.

She was fed up with him ignoring his kids, and doing everything possible to never be home. She was surprised that he was actually home and walked up to the door, taking a deep breath before barging in without knocking.

Her stomach dropped as she opened the door and walked in, shocked to see Antonio holding a gun to his head "Antonio! Stop! What are you doing?" She screamed. Running up to him, trying to carefully pull the gun out of his hand.

"I can't do this anymore." He sobbed, reaching for the gun that she was able to get out of his hands.

"You can't do what? You do realize that you have two beautiful girls that lost their mother and now you want them to lose their father too? What are you thinking?" She yelled, looking over at Harlow's pictures that were placed in front of him on his desk.

"Is this really the answer?" She asked, wide eyed. She grabbed one of the pictures and held it in front of him "Look at her! Is this what she would have wanted?" Sadie snapped. She turned half way and noticed a picture of his little girls on the corner of his desk, she reached over and grabbed the picture, placing it inches away from his face.

"Is this what Harlow wants, for you to give up on them?... Antonio! Think about what you are doing!" She yelled, shoving both pictures in his face. "LOOK AT THEM!" She demanded.

He stood up taking the picture of Harlow away from Sadie, setting them down on the desk. His heart was pounding and had his fists pressed down on the desk, he lowerd his head fighting back the tears. He was feeling relieved that Sadie walked in when she did, stopping him. He then thought that maybe it was a sign from Harlow, sending her in his office when she did.

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