I woke up to my obnoxious alarm clock. On mornings like this, I still ask myself 'Why must I wake up this early?'. The answer to that is, my parents. Yes, I still live with my parents but it's only until Im on my feet. My mom makes everyone in the house wake up at eight every Saturday, seven on week days. She likes us all to have meals together, scheduled meals.

She has always been like this and that's because her sister died a few years ago, and my mom regrets not being close to her. So she thinks that by us having constant meals together, we're automatically going to be closer. Meals or family outings are always... awkward, because we have spent so much time together, we are all sick of each other. I think my dad just goes along with my mom's craziness, because he too think it will make us closer. I'm pretty much the only one here who can see past all the bull, and I know this family is falling apart.

I dragged myself out of bed and threw all of my hair in a bun, with my blue dyed tips, because my parents dont like what I've done with my body so they ask me to try and cover it up during meals, especially my nose piercing.

I made my way downstairs to the dining room and I didnt even bother to put on real clothing so I came in my pj's. I sat at the table and seen that my brother Charlie, a very annoying 15 year old, actually bothered to put on a shirt today, even though I bet mom or dad told him to put it on. My older sister Savannah, who is a 22 year old who still lives at home, was dressed in her work uniform. She's such a suck up.

She claims the only reason she lives at home still is because she would rather save for a car rather than rent an apartment. I just think she's scared to live on her own."Where is Quinn?" my dad asked. "Shes missing out on breakfast." My mom stated the obvious. Wherever she is shes probably having a better time than anyone here.

Quinn entered the room and told my mom and dad "I was sleeping like a normal person does on a Saturday morning". And theres Quinn, a smart mouth 13 year old. We all sat at the table in silence, as per usual.

And me. Im Ava, Ava Brooks. A 19 year old college drop out who my parents hate because of it and I 'shamed' the family as my parents say. I mean Savannah works at a damn McDonald's but my parents dont complain about her because she graduated college.

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