Getting Started

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So where should you begin? Well, to increase your odds of success here is some vital information that will help you to start on a stable footing.

Try Working from Home on a Part-Time Basis First

It might not work for everyone to resign from a good 9-5 job and jump straight into a home-based business. Sometimes, it is good to start working from home part-time, watch things grow before leaving your employment. Many women start working online while still being students to get some pocket money while in school. At that time, most people do not have any specific plan to work from home after completing their studies. Many people who are about to finish school start thinking seriously about the potential that whatever they are doing they have to put their time and effort into it.

When most people do not have the pressure to perform at the time, they can get ensured that when they start full time, they already know what they are doing. You too should possibly follow that formula if you want to ease the pressure and increase your chances of success. To help you to understand why this is important, here are some reasons why you should consider doing it part-time first while still at your job or school:

· Less pressure to bring in profits: The moment you lose your job and monthly paycheck, the pressure to start making it big from your home based business will be there, which can be frustrating if you don't have enough money to take care of the bills when the income is not yet flowing in. If you follow this route, you increase your odds of closing shop and resolving never to start a home-based business anytime soon. Starting your home-based business while still on your job will enable you to focus on building things gradually until everything stabilizes. By the time you are quitting your 9-5 job and work from home full time, you will already know what you need to do to succeed - you will only be leaving your regular position so that you can concentrate on what you've already been doing successfully. Would you feel the same? Please give your comment.

· Helps you test the ideas without risking much: With your job still intact, you can start checking the home based business ideas to see if they are good enough to fly. If a business idea fails, you won't have a hard time finding another one and testing it until you find what will work for you before you consider quitting your job. If you leave your regular job and the business fails, you will have nothing to fall back on, and it can be a very devastating and destabilizing experience. In fact, you will find yourself at a disadvantage when searching for your next job because you will be in need of money if your business has failed.

· You retain benefits: Keeping your job while running your business ensures you still get the benefits that your position brings such as free professional courses, seminars, and share ideas with colleagues, free health insurance packages, office vehicle, residence, and probably pensions. Your home based startup is unlikely to offer all these goodies in its first years of being in operation. That's why it is best to stay on your day job until at least your home based business is reasonably stable.

· Steady income: Nothing kills a new home-based business faster than depending on the little money it generates for paying all the bills. With your paycheck still coming in every month end, you can meet your financial obligations with no pressure on the new business. Doing this will ease the stress and help you to stay on it until it is on its feet!

· Access to capital: As an employee of an established and reputable firm, you can easily access loans from banks to float and run your new home-based business. Having such access to financing can make a huge difference in determining whether your business succeeds massively or not.

There is a catch, however; If you go with the option of keeping your job while you test your new home-based business, it is essential you do the following:

· Check how the new home business will affect your commitment to your present job and make necessary adjustments.

· Let your boss know what you do with your spare time; they may want to buy your products/services as a way of encouraging your efforts.

· Avoid any form of competition with your employers, especially if your business is in any way related to what they do in the company where you work.

· DO NOT, for any reason, try to steal the company's customers, as this will likely earn you a job termination letter and possible prosecution.

One effective way to start your home business is to start an online business. I will go talk about this possibility in the next chapter.

See you there. I will publish the next chapter on Friday.

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