Working from Home will also Come with some Challenges

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Hi, it is Friday so here is your next chapter:

You will need to find a way to eliminate to create the enabling environment for your home-based business to thrive. Here some of the problems you will face working from home:

· A cluttered house: Working from home will likely create more mess in your home with work papers and files lying here and there unless you have a paperless office. Depending on what you deal with, you may also have to deal with pieces of products littering different corners of your home. However, you can eliminate this by having a specific room or part of your home designated for official use in your home. Doing this will help confine the papers and whatever is related to your work in that specific location. What is your thinking about this? Please give me a comment.

· Challenges are separating work from family life: It is always important to find a balance between your work and life. Working from home will make finding this balance a bit more difficult as you won't be able to separate work time from time to engage in other activities you are expected to take care of in your home. However, you can take care of this by having a specific work time in which you turn your mind off every home task like you would if you were still working outside your home. Do you have comments on this?

· Possible interruptions: If you live in a home with other members of your family such as siblings, kids, spouse, etc., you will most likely have to deal with people coming in to distract you with one issue of the other. However, you can address this problem by having a home office with a sign at the door announcing you are at work and won't want to be disturbed unless there is a life-threatening emergency.

· Loneliness: If you are not the type that enjoys living life in seclusion, you will most likely miss the gossips and the laughter in the office. However, you can have a break time in which you engage in some form of socializing by having someone come over or catch up with friends on social media.

· Loss of privacy in your home: If you are in a business that requires people coming in to make one inquiry or the other, pick up something, come in for your services, etc., your home can no longer be said to maintain its privacy 100%. However, you can always draw the boundary by situating your home office in a part of your home a bit detached from other rooms. Do you agree to this or not? I would be happy to read your comment.

With what we've learned in mind, I believe you now understand what to expect as you start working from home. If you firmly think this is something you want to pursue, let's take the discussion further where we will discuss how to get started.

In the next chapter, I will discuss the best ways to get started.

See you there on Wednesday.

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