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"Madyson, mija. You have to come eat no-..." Hermione froze when she opened the door to her youngest daughter's room. Hermione shook her head thinking that she must've left early.

She thought the same thing day after day, until she waited the whole twenty-four hours and saw that her daughter never came. "Hermione, please. Calm yourself," Sheriff Keller sighed.

Hermione shook her head angrily, standing up. "No! My daughter is gone and has been for maybe a whole week! She could be dead or kidnapped! She could be stranded in the forest with no one to find her! And the last thing I said to her, is something that hurt her..."

Keller clenched his jaw and sternly looked at the wife of Hiram Lodge. "Hermione. Go home. We can't work with you nagging us."

"Madyson... Why would you do that?" Toni asked Madyson as she bandaged her arms. Toni had followed Madyson after she had spotted the girl running into the forest. Toni lost her for awhile before finding her again, cutting her arms to her shoulders. She brought the poor girl in a few hours ago and let her take a shower and she was in the process of attending to Madyson's wounds. Toni sighed, looking at the oddly pale girl with dead eyes.

"Topaz, what's taking so..." Sweet Pea trailed off walking in. His expression converted into one of anger and confusion. "Topaz, why are you helping a Northsider who's never helped us?" He darkly asked.

Toni sighed looking at the boy. As she opened her mouth, Madyson's croaky voice spoke first. "You're right. I'm sorry for troubling you, Toni."

Madyson grabbed her jacket and winced as she stood up and walked out the door, hiding her whimpers. As she walked by Sweet Pea heard her struggling to keep in her painful whimpers. He furrowed his brows watching as the girl walked away, her arms around around her skinny figure; a too skinny figure.

He glanced at Toni, but the second he looked back she was gone. "Why would you do that, Sweet Pea? She was hurt! She tried to kill herself, for god sake!" Toni stressed, looking around for the raven-haired girl.

Sweet Pea thought of the bandages over her arms and her skinny figure. He clenched his jaw as he got onto his bike and drove off to find the girl. When he found her, she was already by Riverdale's sign; she was about to leave. "Hey Northsider!"

Madyson froze and looked back. "It's Madyson... But it's not like you care, cause no one does..." She sadly mutters.

Sweet Pea scowled, "Listen. I have no idea if you're playing the victim, or not, but I'm only doing this for Toni." Madyson scoffed. "Then don't do anything!" She snapped with a glare. "Listen, String Bean, if I left no one would notice. No one would care if the shadow of Veronica Lodge would leave or die. No one!"

She whipped around and started to walk again. "I would."

She slowly turned around with a confused and disbelieving stare. "Oh really? How? You hate me. You don't even know me."

"I would miss you accidentally bumping into me at Pop's. I'd miss you being too shy to speak to anyone besides your close friends. I'd miss you trying to hide when Fangs, Toni, and I would make our appearance. I'd miss... You," Sweet Pea admitted looking off to the side.

Madyson stood at her spot, silent. Sweet Pea used every muscle to look at her. When he did, he took in a shaky breath. Tears fell down her cheeks as she slightly shook her head. "No, you won't. You don't even know me. You don't know who I am! Stop lying!" She yelled, tears cascading down her cheeks.

Sweet Pea hopped off his bike and walked to her. She shook her head more furiously as he stepped closer, but her feet were stuck to the ground. 'Fuck it.' He thought as he wrapped his arms around her small frame.

She sobbed, weakly attempting to pushing him away. She kept screaming, "No! I deserve to die!", over and over again till she finally calmed down.

Sweet Pea sighed in relief, before guiding her to the motorbike. He helped her place the helmet on and made sure that she held tight; then they rode back into the town. "I'll drop you back," Sweet Pea yelled over the sound of the engine.

He felt her shake her head. "Please no..." He heard a tiny voice. He sighed and went to the Whyte Wyrm. "Stay close to me."

Madyson gripped the leather jacket of Sweet Pea as they walked inside and a few heads turned. Sweet Pea glared at them and wrapped an arm around her shoulders to avoid anymore attention. Madyson tensed slightly at the feeling of human contact before relaxing again. "Madyson!" Toni's voice came out from behind the bar.

Toni ran out from behind the counter and hugged the girl. "Are you okay? Did you get hurt anymore?"

Madyson gave a small fake smile. "I'm fine, Toni. Really..."

"So what happened? Why'd you -?"

"Fangs!" Toni hissed. Madyson smiled sadly, "It's fine. It's not like I'll live to tell the story why anyway..."

The three Serpents looked at the Lodge in pity. "Why don't we go outside for privacy?"

And they did so.

"Start from the beginning," said Fangs.

"So it started with my birth, I guess. Even as a child, my mother made sure to nurture and take care of my sister first, she'd usually forget that she needed to care for me often. So I was taken care of my father who brought me to the hospital often, at least he got arrested; so I had to go to the appointments myself now. Ever since it started, I knew that something was wrong with me.

I felt like I was different. Like I had no purpose in the family. As I grew, we grew into a somewhat happy family but it all fell apart when my dad went to jail. We reverted to our old ways. My mom focuses on Veronica and I'm left stranded on my own. Then Veronica and I had this huge fight of who was playing victim, and she even admitted to saying that the whole family called me the black sheep.

So then I thought, 'If I was correct about that, was correct about my purpose in this family and life is to die?'... So I tried to... Even before," Madyson explained, stating off into the distance.

Toni placed a hand on her shoulder, so did Fangs, and Sweet Pea? He gave a hug, one that made Madyson feel safe and warm. It was like two puzzle pieces completing the puzzle, they felt like them hugging was meant to be. So did the two others, so they left them alone with a final pat on the back and a few comments and reassurances. "I thought you hated me... A Northsider," Madyson muttered into his chest.

Sweet Pea sighed, leaning on the wall of the Whyte Wyrm's concrete outside shell. "I do... But there's something about you that's different. You aren't like a Northsider, you aren't snobby nor do you judge people the minute they say hello."

Madyson hummed, leaned on his figure relaxing completely. "You don't seem to be the type to hug people... But, thank you," she muttered a smile smile hidden into his leather jacket.

The tall male's breath hitched hearing the first time someone from the other side of the tracks thank him. He gulped before responding with a mutter, "You're welcome, Jasper."

Jasper was a human being who was announced as different from others. The people around him ignored him and never knew about his talents which were never acknowledged. Sweet Pea remembered reading about him in English. Even if he never listened in class, he read the short sentence about the being known as Jasper. Hearing Madyson Lodge's story reminded him of Jasper. It was only a matter of time before Madyson ignored everyone around her and proved them wrong. The question was; when is she going to emerge from her chrysalis?

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