Bound by you (part 1)

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I startled awake as I heard him enter the bedroom. I turned my head slightly over to see his siluette by the door. He walked into the bathroom, and closed the door behind him.

I just lay there listening for him. The sound of water rushing faintly comming through the door, he was in the shower. I sagged in my restraints again. My arms felt sore, being stuck in this position for so long really hurt. I tried to move myself slightly upwards, to loosen the pull of the restrainst. It helped a little. I relaxed against the bed again, and resumed my previous task of listening for him.

The sound of water died away, all too soon replaced by the light creek of the bathroom door opening. I turned my head in his direction. He walked towards the bed in a slow unhurried pace. Shaddows played across his muscled torso as he moved closer. Every inch of him honed into a perfect weapon. He was clad in nothing more than a pair of briefs, which color I could not discern in the darkness. I swallowed, trying to ease the ache in my parched throat as heat crept up my cheeks.

He opened the covers, and slid into bed, not stopping untill I could feel the heat of his body against mine.

"Your awake" He stared down into my eyes with an unreadable expression across his handsome face.

I just nodded, the dryness in my throat stopping me from forming words.

He bent over me. My entrie body tensed at his close proximity, so I squeesed my eyes shut. I felt his warm hands on mine as he started to losen the restrainst from around my wrists.

He gently pulled my hands down to his lips and kissed them. The pain of having to move my arms brought tears to my eyes. It hurt so damned much.

"Im sorry love" His breath against my hands, as he planted another kiss.

"I..." The words could not leave my parched mouth.

He let go of my hands, and crawled out of bed again, leaving me all alone in the dark room as he dissapeared into the hallway.

I sat up. It was a huge relief to be able to sit again. Being chained into that vulnerable position for so long had felt horrible. I was thankfull that sleep had eventually claimed me, giving me a short reprieve from the awfull sensation.

He entered the room again, and I noticed the glass of water in his hand as he slid back into bed with me.

"Here love" He silky voice soothed as he put the cold glass into my hand.

I lifted the hand towards my dry lips, and stopped half way, the pain from lifting my aching arm so high was excrutiating. I squeesed my tearfilled eyes shut, and tried to force my arm higher. His warm hand on top of mine stopped me again. He relieved my hand of the glass, and gently put the glass against my bottom lip. I opened my mouth slightly, and he tilted the glass. Liquid entered my mouth, and I swallowed, it felt like heaven as the cold water slid down my sore throat easing the pain.

"Careful" He whispered against my cheek as I coughed, because of water getting in my wind pipe.

I emptied the glass, and he left my side for a second as he sat the glass down on the bedside table. He propped himself with his back up against the headbords, and pulled me into his arms. I just sat there, my tense body resting against him. I could feel the heat from his hard torso burn into my backside as he wrapped his arms around me. I whimpered at the contact, his closeness unnerving. His breath tickled my ear, and I felt a slight pressure on my shoulder as the rested his chin on it. His warm hands found my freezing arms, and he started to gently massage them. Another whimper crossed my lips.

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