24. The Gala: The First Dance, the First Kiss

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~~~Your point of view~~~
It was the night of the gala. You got ready in your room. You, showered, brushed your teeth, did your nails, dried and curled your hair, and put on your pink dress and heels. You didn't wear any perfume so you could put on a different scent as the Siren and not get recognized.

 You didn't wear any perfume so you could put on a different scent as the Siren and not get recognized

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When you were ready to go, you walked downstairs with your phone and saw Tim, Jason, and Dick. They were meeting their dates at the event. You walked down the stairs, and Dick and Jason stared at you while Tim just smirked.
When you reached the bottom of the stairs they were still staring at you. "What?" you asked them. Tim stepped forward and took the bag containing your other outfit and some makeup from you.
"Spin for them," Tim whispered into your ear as he took the bag. You nodded and spun a little.
"Where's Damian?" you asked.
"We convinced him to go with Bruce so we could keep your appearance a secret from him," Tim explained turning to his brothers.
"Will you stop staring please?" you asked them.
"Right," Dick blinked before turning to elbow Jason who was still looking at you.
"Hey! You look great in that dress Y/n," Jason commented as you all walked to the limousine used for special occasions. Alfred was driving.
"Thanks, Tim chose it," you responded before climbing into the limousine.
"Great job Timbo," Dick smiled.
"Thanks," Tim laughed. "It was an interesting experience going shopping for dresses."

~~~Damian's point of view~~~
My brothers had made me leave with Father so they could surprise me with Y/n, not like it mattered, I thought she was beautiful no matter what she wore. It was now 7:20 PM, ten minutes before they were supposed to arrive. Of course, Mb/n had to arrive early. She was dressed in a strapless, pink tulle ball gown embellished with golden flowers and her rainbow locks were curled against her back. The dress itself was really quite beautiful, but I wasn't interested. She followed me around as I looked out the windows for Y/n.
"So where's your date?" She asked.
"She's coming at 7:30," I responded.

~~~Time skip for 10 minutes~~~I
"It's 7:30," Mb/n batted her eyelashes at me. 'She was wearing way too much makeup and perfume,' I thought.
I walked towards the dance floor where people were mingling and chatting. Mb/n followed me.
"Did you lead me here to dance?" Mb/n asked flirtatiously.
"Umm," I mumbled looking around.

~~~Your point of view~~~
You arrived at the music center with Damian's brothers. You walked up to the doors with cameras flashing at the boys around you. You quickly escaped the paparazzi who you had to deal with later as the Siren. You walked into the main area of the center and looked around you. It was beautiful. Banners for the music festival as well as pictures of the singers who were attending tonight, including the Siren. The photo was from your first video that showed your face, the night Damian had asked you out; you had blue hair and silver makeup with your black leather jacket. You looked to the dance floor where Mb/n was trying to dance with Damian who was trying to avoid her. You began walking over to them.

~~~Damian's point of view~~~
I looked around and finally spotted her looking at everything around her. I gently pushed Mb/n off me before making my way over to Y/n.
"Aww, and here I thought I was going to get you all to myself," Mb/n whined before looking at where I was headed.
I ignored her and Y/n walked up to me. She was gorgeous. The dress fit her perfectly and her hair swayed in soft curls. I couldn't think about anything else but how beautiful she was and how she was mine. I slipped my hand around her waist and walked over to Mb/n who looked angry at who my date was.
"Her?" She complained. "I thought you said you were there when he asked the girl," Mb/n turned to Y/n.
"I was," Y/n laughed angelically, "I was the girl he asked." I led her towards some of our other classmates who were friendlier. We talked until the music started playing, queuing people to pair up and start dancing.
"May I have this dance?" I asked extending my hand to her.
"Of course Mr. Wayne," she laughed accepting my offer.

~~~Your point of view~~~
Thank goodness they are doing the dance that Dick taught me in detail you thought as Damian led you onto the dance floor with the other pairs. Even with three-inch heels, Damian was still taller than you by an inch.

~~~Damian's point of view~~~
Y/n danced like an expert which didn't surprise me since Grayson was the one to teach her to dance. "I told you I would have your first dance," I smirked as I spun Y/n and pulled her close to me again.
"I had no doubt that you would," she smiled sweetly. We continued to dance and chat quietly.
"All that's left is your first kiss," I said leaning in closer to her face. I looked at her pink lips before continuing the dance. Y/n was blushing a light shade of pink and wouldn't look me in the eye. As the dance came to an end I guided her chin up so she could look me in the eye. Y/n nodded slightly as I looked at her before pulling her in for a kiss, but instead of kissing her cheek I kissed her soft lips.

~~~Your point of view~~~
He pulled you close to his chest and you nodded giving him permission to kiss you. He pressed his lips against yours and stayed there until you were interrupted by clapping. Damian's brothers were standing nearby watching their dates at their sides. Heat rose to your cheeks and you hid your face in his chest. When you looked up Damian was smirking at them. He walked over to them with his arm around your waist.
"How did you get such a great girl?" Jason asked Damian.
"I spied on her playing the piano on my first day of fourth grade and she caught me," Damian responded.
"What?" Dick and Jason said simultaneously.
"Don't forget to keep an eye on the time Y/n," Tim reminded you, pointing at his watch. It was 8:12 PM. You had 18 more minutes as Y/n before you had to change into the Siren. You nodded at Tim.
"Dick, can you record my performances tonight so I can post them if the videos are good?" you asked Dick quietly handing him your camera.
"Sure," he's smiled.
"I have 18 more minutes," you whispered to Damian who waved at his brothers before walking me over to the tables with food and drinks. He walked off to get you both drinks and came back with two cups of sparkling water. You both drank the water and talked until you had to go. He helped you sneak out to the side of the building and get in through the side door where you split up. He went back to the party and you went to go change.
You found the secret room and checked for cameras before redoing your hair and makeup and changing your shoes and dress. You put on a small voice modifying device that would make you sound different when you talked, you would turn it off whenever you sang so you could sing normally. You used it whenever you were just talking on your channel instead of singing. You removed your current nails which had been stick on for the short time you were Y/n and you put on the other ones you had designed for the Siren making sure they would last all night. After you were finished changing you stuffed all your stuff back into the bag so you could grab it easily later. You snuck back out of the music center and walked quickly to the exact location where your limousine would be ready to pick you up. Lucky for you it was there. You hopped in and it drove to the front of the music center where you got out and walked the red carpet like the boys had, occasionally stopping so people could take pictures of you.

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