23. The Last Week of School

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~~~Your point of view~~~
You walked into your first class with Damian and saw Mb/n bragging. "Bruce Wayne invited me to his charity gala!" She squealed. You and Damian sat next to each other at the back of the classroom as usual.
"He invited the whole class Mb/n," you interrupted her high-pitched rant.
"Hmph," she huffed at you before turning to face Damian. "So Damian when are you going to pick me up?"
"For your information, I have already asked someone to the gala," Damian told her, looking at you through the corner of his eye.
"Who was it? Ugly here," Mb/n pointed to me, "Hah like she could ever get a date."
"I won't tell you who it is, but I was there when he asked her. And just to let you know I also already have a date for the gala." You told her.
"As if," she sneered, "is he imaginary?"
"No, but I would be very happy to tell you more about him," you smiled looking at Damian who was trying not to laugh.
"Go on, my friends and I like fairy tales," Mb/n and her friends snickered.
"Well, he's sorta quiet but very friendly and caring once you get to know him better. He is a little mysterious in public but can be a lot of fun to hang out with. He tries to seem cool but he is really a lovable dork." you discreetly looked at Damian while talking to see him trying to hide his blush. "You can see him when we dance at the gala."
"Can't wait," Mb/n smirked at me before smiling at Damian. "See you there Damian." She walked to her desk and blew a kiss.

~~~Your point of view~~~
Tim had agreed to do the duet with the Siren, and Damian, although reluctant, was okay with it. You both made the duet seem as though it was arranged by Bruce just for the gala so no one would be suspicious. Tim and you practiced the song and choreographed a dance together. Any breaks between classes or time after school you practiced the song in secret.
After school, you packed a bag that contained everything you would need to change into the Siren, including your hair dye, makeup, dress, shoes, and jewelry. You gave it to Bruce who had requested it so he could have it placed in the secret room.

~~~Your point of view~~~
After school, you went to your recording studio and recorded the computer generated music for the Siren's solo. You also recorded the guitar music for the duet so you could have your hands free to dance. You saved both recordings onto a flash drive and wiped your fingerprints off it before giving it to Bruce. You also asked if it was possible to have a piano in the place for your solo. He simply responded, "Anything The Siren needs to perform she will have."

~~~Your point of view~~~
Damian and you returned any borrowed books to the school or the library and emptied out your lockers. Once again, Mb/n tried to flirt with Damian.
You and Damian were in the music room at school when Mb/n and her friends walked in. He had been listening to you play the piano as practice for the gala, but you were both distracted by Mb/n and her minions. Mb/n walked over to you, "I didn't know you played the piano."
"I've been playing piano for a couple years Mb/n," you sighed.
"So you must know a lot of songs right?" She asked.
"Yes, why are you so interested all of a sudden," you looked back at the piano and started playing another piece.
"I want to show everyone what a great singer I am, and I want real music to sing to." She said proudly.
"Why would I help you?" You asked.
"Because I want you to," she said.
"Fine, you get one song in five minutes. Where do you want to sing?" You stated calmly.
"Really?" Damian whispered.
"I'm bored, and I want to see how good she is." You whispered back and shrugged.
"My friends will gather everyone and bring them here." Mb/n said sending off her minions.
"What song do you want?" You asked her.
"Do 'Say you won't let go'." Mb/n commanded.
You smiled at the song of choice and looked at Damian who was smirking. "What are you smirking for?" You whispered.
"Well, that was the first song I ever heard you sing. It is also part of how we met." He whispered back. "There is no way she can ever be better at singing it than you."
"Thanks," you whispered with a smile.
"Hey, can you start the song already?" Mb/n interrupted your conversation and you looked up to see most of your class in the room. You started playing the piano as if you had practiced every day of your life, flawlessly. Mb/n began to sing, but she wasn't even average. Your time as the Siren let you notice every mistake she made and what kind of level of singer she would be at. Mb/n was off key half the time, her voice cracked a lot and she couldn't keep rhythm with your piano music. Overall, Mb/n was below average. Mb/n finished the song, but no one did anything, no one clapped except for her minions. She had just embarrassed herself.
"That wasn't very—," one student started.
"—good." another kid finished.
"Like you could do better," Mb/n snapped at them.
"I bet I could," the first student defended them self.
"Okay then do it. Start the music!" Mb/n shouted.
You started to play. "Really?" Damian asked.
"Hey it's not like we have class, besides this is getting interesting." You stated as you played.
"Yeah, but you should stop if it gets out of hand," he suggested.
"Don't worry I will," you agreed. Soon there was a full-scale singing competition with you playing songs for people to sing to.
After the sixth round, Damian and you had to leave. "Y/n has other things to do so you will have to continue this some other time," Damian said as he led you out of the music room. You walked to the front gates where Alfred was waiting.
"Sorry we took so long Alfred," you apologized as you and Damian climbed into the car.
"It's quite alright Miss Y/n. Master Damian told me that your class was having an intense singing competition." The old man said before closing the car door and driving you home.
When you got home you practiced the dance in front of Dick in the ballroom so it remained perfect.

~~~Your point of view~~~
It was the last day of school. When you and Damian got to school the next day everyone in the class was in the music room again. They wanted to finish the singing competition. You played the piano until you got a winner who was actually okay at singing. Neither you nor Damian participated in the competition despite your classmates wants for you to. Damian didn't want people to know he could sing and you couldn't risk people finding out you were the Siren by identifying your voice. By lunchtime, you had a winner and you and Damian left the music room. You and Damian ate lunch with the winner of the competition and talked about music. In the afternoon Mb/n came to see Damian again. You were sitting under a tree with your back against the trunk, Damian lying down next to you, and you were discussing the gala with him. You were telling him what songs you were going to do when Mb/n walked over.
"Hey Damian," she cooed playing with her hair.
"What do you want?" He sighed.
"Will I be seeing you at the charity event this Sunday?" She asked.
"Well it is being hosted by my father so of course I'll be there." He told her.
"Do you know when the Siren is showing up?" She asked looking at the brightly colored streaks in her hair.
"She's supposed to arrive at around 8:30 PM," Damian answered in a bored tone.
"So I'll get to meet her?" Mb/n squealed.
"Maybe," I said, taking over the conversation.
"Is she going to sing?" Mb/n asked excitedly.
"Other singers are supposed to sing as well, but she is supposed to do a song to start the dancing when she arrives and a song at the very end," you explained.
"I hear that Bruce Wayne arranged for her to do a song with one of his sons. Is it you Damian?" Mb/n squeaked.
"As if, I can't sing. It's Drake." Damian answered.
"Ahh! Where is he?" She screamed as she ran off to go find Tim.
"What have you unleashed upon this world?" you laughed.
"I have no idea," Damian shifted so his head was in your lap. "I never thought I'd say this but I feel bad for Drake."
"Well, he'll have to deal with it alone," you sighed as you looked into his eyes.

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