22. The Gala: Learning to Dance

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Author's note:
I'm going to stop doing keys unless there is a lot of strange classifications or reminders. Thank you.
~ The Silver Angel

~~~Dick's point of view~~~
       I picked Tim and Y/n up from the stores and took them back to the manor. On the way, we talked about what they had bought and what Tim had told her to do to Damian.
       "So it was you who made the first move after all?" I laughed.
       "It was just to help get Mb/n off Damian," Y/n blushed.
       "And because you were jealous of her getting his attention," I added.
      "Yeah, and to repay me for the shopping trip she has decided to show me exactly what she did to help get Mb/n off him," Tim told me.
       "Can I watch?" I asked.
       "Fine, I'm already showing Tim. I'll do it as long as Alfred and Bruce aren't there." Y/n rolled her eyes.
       We arrived and I locked the car as Tim and Y/n walked into the manor with the bags. No one was downstairs. Apparently, Bruce was on last-minute league business and Alfred was grocery shopping. Damian must have either been in the cave or his room.
       "Do it," Tim told Y/n.
       "Fine," she sighed putting on a smile to recreate the first time she kissed Damian. "Damian? Are you here?" Y/n shouted.
       Damian walked down the stairs. When he reached the bottom of the stairs Damian looked at Tim then me confused. While he was watching us Y/n ran up to him, grabbed his shirt, and kissed his cheek hard, just like she told us she had done. Before he could say anything she grabbed the bags with her clothes in them and ran up to her room. Damian's cheeks were bright pink and he looked at us.
       "What did you do?" He asked us.
       "You didn't like it?" Tim asked, smirking.
       "U-uh, we-well, it just—" He stammered.
       "—reminded you of the first time Y/n stopped Mb/n from flirting with you?" I interrupted.
       "U-uh yeah," he looked at me, "I can understand her telling Drake, but why you?"
       "She didn't tell me, she told Tim who told me in the car on the way back," I commented.
       "She was blushing the whole time," Tim confirmed my statement.
       "You should go ask her why she did it," Tim said pushing Damian back up the stairs towards Y/n's room.
       "O-okay," he stuttered before knocking on her door.
       "It's not locked," Y/n's voice came.

~~~Damian's point of view~~~
       I looked at my brothers before walking into the room. Y/n was sitting in her bay window with pink dusting her cheeks. I closed the door and walked over to her. I moved her so that instead of leaning on the wall she was sitting between my legs and leaning on my chest.
       "What's wrong?" I asked calmly.
       "I kissed you," she said quietly.
       "So you've done it before, even I've done it before."
       "Yeah, but we never did it in front of your brothers." She looked up at me before staying quiet.
       After a minute of silence, I asked, "Hey, why did you kiss me the first time we weren't dating yet?"
       "Why do you think?" She smiled slightly.
       I thought for a minute before realizing the answer. "You were jealous of her?"
       "I was," Y/n said softly.
       "Why?" I asked pulling her closer.
       "I was jealous because she was following you around, bothering you, pretending to be your girlfriend."
       "The only thing is," I said getting up so I could look directly into her eyes, "you are my girlfriend, not her. No matter what she or her friends say, you are mine and I am yours."
       "Thanks, Damian," she smiled leaning her forehead on my chest.
       "You're welcome my beloved," I smiled, pulling her closer and resting my head on her shoulder. We sat together in silence for a while before someone knocked at the door. Y/n got up to answer it. I grabbed her hand gently, "See you later." Y/n nodded before walking towards the door.

~~~Your point of view~~~
       You walked to the door even though you would rather be with Damian. You opened the door to see Dick. "Ready?"
       "Yup," you said cheerfully before grabbing your shopping bags and calling back into the room. "Damian I'll see you later."
       You and Dick went to the ballroom in the manor. You set down your bags next to the doorway and looked around. You had never seen it before but the marble floors, high ceilings, and chandeliers seemed like something out of a fairytale. Dick caught your attention. "You ready?"
       "Um, sure," you responded.
       "Great, put on your shoes for the gala."
       "Why," you asked wanting to know what he was thinking.
       "If you're going to learn to dance you might as well start by doing it in the shoes you will dance with," he said. You changed into your heels and stood up. Dick positioned your arms and hands for the dance. He was much taller than you but you got used to it. He called out the directions your feet should go in as he moved. He went slowly at first but went faster as you got better. Dick taught you the basic steps and movements of other dances that people might do but always came back to the original dance which apparently was more commonly danced at Bruce's galas. After hours of practice, you were able to do most of the steps very gracefully. It was now pretty late into the night but Dick had told Bruce about the situation and he and Tim had switched patrol nights so he could teach you.
       "I think you've almost perfected it," Dick smiled at you.
       "Really?" You hoped as you changed back to your normal shoes.
       "Yeah, I think we can polish it sometime tomorrow morning, whenever works." He told you.
       "Great!" you grinned.
       "Now go get some sleep."
       You picked up your stuff and heading up to your room. When you got there you weren't surprised when Damian wasn't there but he had left a note.


Dear Y/n,

       I know that Grayson is teaching you to dance, but I am going to have your first real dance and steal your first kiss at the gala.



You laughed at his note and hoped it was true.

~~~Time skip to the next morning~~~
~~~Dick's point of view~~~
       The next morning when I went down for breakfast at 6:30 AM Y/n was already there drinking a glass of orange juice.
       "Morning Y/n."
       "Good morning Dick," she smiled at me.
       "How about I get something to eat then we can perfect the dance?" I suggested.
       "Sure," She said handing me the cereal I liked. "Also thanks for the lessons. I can dance to the music I do videos for, but slow dancing was harder to learn for some reason."
        "I'm happy to help. Your previous experience in any form of dance made the learning process faster and easier for you. You almost mastered that dance in a matter of hours as well as the basic steps of other dances. I'm impressed." I told her as I grabbed a bowl and poured myself some cereal. I ate my bowl of cereal then put the bowl in the dishwasher. "Alright I'm ready to go. Go get your shoes."
       Y/n leaned down and picked up the pink heels from under the table. "Okay let's go," she laughed at how I never noticed the shoes. We walked to the ballroom again. This time I played some music on my phone and we started. Y/n danced to the music as if it was already in her mind. Her form was graceful and almost perfect. I only had to correct her a few times about the steps and arm positions. After a few more tries the dance was perfect.
       "You're done. The dance is perfect." I told her with a smile.
       "Really? Great!" She cheered. She changed back into her casual shoes and went to put away her dress shoes before coming back down the stairs.
       "So do you have any ideas about what the Siren will perform?" I asked her as she sat next to me at the table.
       "Yeah, I guess I should start the music recordings. Any ideas for the second song?" Y/n asked.
       "Hm, How about a duet? You can do it with another singer." I suggested.
       "That would work if I knew any," she sighed.
       "You could do it with one of us."
       "Us who?" She asked.
       "Me, Jason, Tim, Damian," I clarified.
       "I didn't know that you and Jason could sing," she commented.
       "Well, I can't and on second thought Jason might not—Wait! You said me and Jason. Tim can sing?" I asked shocked.
       "Yeah, he's actually pretty good," she shrugged.
       "When did you hear him sing?" I asked, still in shock.
       "On my birthday, he and I hung out because Damian still wasn't talking to me and you and Bruce were at work, but you really weren't." She answered.
       "Oh, right."
       "I don't think Damian would reveal that he could sing, it would just make more people bother him. Besides I'm going with him as myself so if he sings with another girl it could make him be seen as a cheater or a playboy, which is more unwanted attention." Y/n explained.
       "So you're going to ask Tim?"
       "What! Why?"
       "Because he's done enough already he should be able to enjoy himself. I'll just ask one of the other singers that show up."
       "Yeah alright, but at least tell me what song you are doing."
       "We don't know, remember?" Y/n rolled her eyes slightly.
       "Oh yeah, right," I laughed. "How about 'Can I have this dance'?"
       "From High School Musical?" She asked. I nodded. "That could work. It's a well known song and could be easy to repeat. Maybe I will do it with Tim, that way I can at least know the other singer's skills and we can practice."
       "Yeah okay, but you might still want to talk to Damian about it so he understands what's going on." I told her.
       "That sounds good," Y/n agreed.
       It was now 7:30 AM and people were coming down for breakfast. Tim and Damian came down arguing with each other like they did when Y/n wasn't with them.
       "We should separate them before you talk to them," I told Y/n as we watched them start to fight.
       "Also a very good idea," Y/n smiled getting up and walking towards the fighting brothers with me.

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