18. Falling into a trap

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They say love is a weakness.

They say love is a strength.

They say love is painful.

But did they say love is a myth?

Trisha re-read the lines of her prose poetry book she carried with her most of the times. She sighed as she noticed what people in Dormane looked like, behaved like. One thing that was obvious was they didn't love. They liked someone, lusted after someone but they never loved. Love was the biggest weakness.

They were fearless because people with fear is weak. Empathy and sympathy probably unaware of this emotion, the smile on their faces was unreal. They were factory manufactured bodies without an ounce of life in them. They had no passion, no desire to be impulsive or reckless or take risks in life that made the life fun.

They were not that different from the people they thought were enemies.

Trisha wished to be born in the time when emotions were just emotions and people wasn't afraid of having them. A time when it was not all controlled.

She softly sketched the garden outside her house in the class as she just watched the time pass by too slowly. She could feel few gazes on her but she knew she was safe for a while. Something about Sage terrified everyone and they didn't cross paths with him.

But it felt like she was living with a time bomb ticking and it will explode sooner or later.

Seven days in the new school and she had made no interactions. She was bad at this, she was a loner and she had to think multiple times before talking to anyone. She looked at Sage sitting few seats away from her busy doing nothing and looking formidable. What was she suppose to do? 

"Excuse me?" The girl behind her whispered.

Her heart jolted inside her chest but she replied as calmly as possible, "Yes?"

She gave her a piece of paper so that teacher in the class didn't notice the talking and chatting.

"Would you like to go to the dance with me?"- Seth

The note surprised her more than the girl talking to her. She looked behind to find out who Seth was and she found a dark brown haired boy with a smile on his face. She gave a small smile back not to look rude to him but she was definitely not going to dance with some stranger.

But she had no idea how to say no to him.


"You got a dance invite?" Sage said as soon as they stepped out of the class for lunch.

"I don't know how should I refuse politely."

"You are still naive Tinker Bell. Just say you don't want to go. You suppose to lack emotions and don't feel sorry for refusing to go with a boy." He said in a stiff tone.

She nodded though she felt uncomfortable going back there and refusing.

"Or you can go and make friends, one of us should." Trisha was surprised at his words and a little hurt.

"You very well know how I cannot do this."

He sighed and felt guilty for letting his jealousy get better of him.

"Then how about we both go?" He said and realized that was what he wanted.

"To the dance?" She asked not sure she was back on dancing terms with Sage.

Last time they were at a party Sage left her drunk and to die.

"I hope you remember the last time that happened."

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