Chapter 28

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-Nash's POV-

Matt needs my help?

"Come on please Nash! You know her better than the rest of us put together do, even Taylor."

"I doubt it"

"Nash please!" He bends onto his hands and knees "Look man, I'm literally begging you"

"Don't you think you have to do this on your own?"

"It will be- mostly"

I raise my eyebrow "Matt"

"Please! Why won't you help me?"

"I dont want Sky to get hurt again."

"I'm not going to hurt her Nash"

"You will Matt. No offense but it's just who you are"

"Saying no offense doesn't make it any less offensive" He whines

"You hurt her so badly Matt. Sometimes, even a month after we left her, she'd ring me up at like midnight and tell me how much of an idiot she was to trust you"


"She'd cry for hours over the 'stupidest things ever'- as she put it"

"Me?" I nod "I'm so sorry for putting you through that man"

"Don't appologise to me. Make it up to her. But if you hurt her in the slightest way, then you'll be saying sorry" I stand up and walk back to Sky. I can't help but smile. That was a good one right?

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