Angela Murray was the star of Pierce Dance Company.  She was beautiful, talented and helped turned what once was a small company into one of the most prestigious positions that an elite ballet dancer could be offered.  Her tragic death left emptiness in the company, but even more so in her younger sister, Sage.

The shy twenty year old grew up roaming the halls of Malcolm Pierce's dance studio and while her passion lies in the dance, she much prefers being a faceless body in the crowd of dancers - unidentifiable without individualization.  But when, just days after her older sister's funeral, she is chosen to replace her as "Juliet" in company's rendition of Romeo & Juliet, she is forced out of the shadow and into the spotlight.  A position that she knows that she is not ready for.

To top it all off, a secret admirer floats into the picture and, in a twist of fate, reveals secrets that Sage never even thought could be a possibility, much less was prepared to handle. 

Author's Note:  Please be aware that this story holds a trigger warning for those who may be sensitive to topics regarding eating disorders, depression, anxiety or other medical topics such as these.  Also, please note that, this story's rating my be changed at any point so if this is an issue for you, please be aware of it before reading each part.

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