Ch. 20 Potion class gone wrong

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Azalea and her friends are the first to arrive at the Potion Classroom which is located in the dungeons. Azalea looked at her surroundings and noticed that the classroom is significant and that the walls are lined with pickled animals in glass jars. She also saw that in one corner of the room stands a sink into which ice-cold water pours from a gargoyle's mouth, while in another is a student supply cupboard. She then sees a blackboard which let her know that Severus will write the class's instructions.

" Azalea!" Draco speaks up. " Sit next to me" He was at the front of the class as he waves at Azalea. 

Azalea comes back to reality and smiles at Draco. She walks up to him and sits down next to him.

" I am so excited for this class. You know I read the whole textbook during the summer because I want Professor Snape to be proud of me since I know he is the Potion Master. I am thinking of being a Potion Mistress when I am older" She blushes.

Draco smiles at Azalea.

" I know Professor Snape wouldn't mind being your mentor. Between you and me, he has told me that he rarely accepts apprentice, but he has told me that he wouldn't mind having you and me as his apprentices" He tells her. 

Azalea wears an excited expression. 

Ten minutes later. 

Students begin to fill up the classroom. Azalea looks at her surroundings and spots her baby brother Harry in the class. She sees Harry looking at her. She happily waves at him who also waved back at her. 

A few seconds later.

Severus enters the classroom which caused all of the Gryffindor students including Harry to tense up because he has the presence to make students excluding Slytherin to be scared of him. He stays quiet as he picks up the roaster. He begins to call students' name and smiles when he reads his Godson's name. 

" Malfoy, Draco" Severus speaks up. 

" Present!" Draco raised his right hand. 

Severus nods his head.

He continues to read more students' name with a neutral expression. His expression melted when he reads Azalea's name.

" Potter, Azalea" Severus speaks up.

" Present, Professor Snape!" Azalea excitedly raised her right hand. 

Severus chuckles.

Most of the Gryffindor students felt uncomfortable to see Severus acting happy when it came to Azalea because they have heard that he is a mean teacher. 

Severus' expression quickly changed into an annoyed one when he reads Harry's name. 

" Well. Well. It seems like we have Hogwarts' celebrity in our classroom" He sarcastically tells the class.

Harry frowns wondering why Severus doesn't like him.

Azalea noticed Severus' change of personality when it came to Harry, but didn't say anything because she wants to talk about it with the Professor when the class is over. 

" Now tell me" Severus looks at Harry. " What is the difference, Little Potter, between monkshood and wolfsbane?" He asked her. 

Hermione quickly raised her right hand since she read the Potion book during the summer as well. 

Harry lightly bites his lips since he doesn't know the answer.

Azalea frowns. 

' Why is Professor Snape asking Harry a difficult question that a Fifth-year to Seventh-year know?' She asked herself in thought. ' At least I know the answer since I read it in the Potion's textbook during the summer' She glanced at her baby brother and noticed that he is getting uncomfortable. ' I feel bad for him. As his big sister. I am going to save him' She raised her right hand up. 

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